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What is glass? Traditional silicate glass is based on silica, basically quartz, as is sand. Formulas very but use the same basic materials. Silicate glass is used in windows as well as glass jars and bottles and is what we think of when associated with the term glass. The technical term refers to any non-crystalline amorphous solid and includes metallic ceramic glazes and polymeric thermoplastics like polycarbonate popular in eyeglasses to greenhouses. Spun into fiber mats it used as insulation or it can be turned into fiber optic cable for the transmission of data incorporating lasers.

Types of Silicate Glass

Fused quartz is used for the manufacture of light bulbs and fluorescent lighting. Soda-lime-silica form our windows, and are weather resistant. Add some alumina and calcium and you have container glass for jars and bottles.
Sodium borosilicate glass is pyrex and is found in auto headlamps, lab glassware, household glassware and optical components.
Aluminosilicate glass is used exclusive for fiberglass, used in boat and auto-body components. Shock and weather resistant and resists water erosion.
Germanium-oxide is the glass used as wave guides in the transmission of data via laser pulses losing a mere 5% of brightness over a kilometer, we call it fiber gable.

History of Glass Timeline

Glass manufacture has a long history. Of the earliest recorded sources glass was first manufactured in Sussex, England in 1226. Our first glass mirrors came on the scene in the 1500’s. Tempered glass made its appearance in 1874. Eyeglasses have been with us since medieval times and a study of the UV reflecting properties of antique stained glass is leading to improvements in astronomical observation. So glass has been with us for a while now. Shower stalls, auto windows, fridge trays, diving masks all use a toughened glass that resists breaking. The windshield contributes to the strength of the structure. Windshields are generally laminated and consist of two sheets of glass laminated together a sheet of transparent polyvinyl butyral (PVB), and are fused under high heat and pressure. Under impact the windshield will not shatter, held together by the plastic material between the layers. Laminated glass is used in store windows in areas prone to hurricanes. Laminated glass can be repaired if minor damages is sustained. It produces the “spider webbing” associate with broken safety glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is subject of a series of rapid heating and cooling. When impacted the glass breaks in thousands of tiny pebble like pieces with rounded edges instead of shattering, lessening the chance of cuts and abrasion. Polarized lens use tempered glass as does cooking and baking dishes and some cell phone screens. Tempered glass is stronger and tougher per thickness and is used where strength and light weight is needed. Tempered glass is usually found in side windows in cars, places where impact by the passengers is minimized.

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Glass ceramics combine the amorphous phase of glass and partially crystallize on cooling. These are applied to cook tops, have high strength and are resistant to thermal shock. Glass is a product used across many applications, some which we depend on for communications, environmental comforts in our homes and workplaces and to handle chemicals and cooking. Contact Dan’s Enterprises
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To increase the appeal of your rental property, there are plenty of tactics you can apply to make the home look more sophisticated yet homey. Investing in glass upgrades is among them and not only will these upgrades improve the appeal, the aesthetics is enhanced and some applications also increase the home’s value too. We at Dan’s Enterprises have compiled a few examples of glass upgrades that can increase the appeal of your rental home.

Best Glass Landlord Upgrades & Renovations for Your Rental Property to Increase Value

1) Large bathroom mirror makeover. Investing in a large, even custom designed mirror for the bathroom is an optimal choice, especially if you are intending to replace any broken mirrors or planning any major or even minor renovations. Particularly so in bathrooms that do not have any windows, old fixtures, low lighting options, minimal square footage, or outdated countertops; the oversized mirror creates impressive reflection effects that illuminate the space, making it look brighter, bigger, and more spacious. This simple gesture can appeal to prospective tenants.
2) Shower glass doors upgrades. Upgrading your rental property to not only appeal to tenants, but increase the value is replacing the basic shower rod/curtain with glass shower enclosures. The glass shower enclosures can be designed in very a variety of simplistic to complex styles. Frosted glass, frameless doors and other such options are available to make your glass shower enclosure look sleek, modern, and more luxurious. These qualities attract potential renters, reduce water damage, and increase home value.
3) Laminated or tempered sliding glass doors. Many homes feature the sliding glass door, particularly in apartments and condos with attached patios or porches. But those glass doors are generally basic glass that is vulnerable to home break-ins. Not only can they be weak link for criminal activity, but they can be cracked or damaged with accidental impact incidents, extreme weather conditions, or simply using too much force when opening or closing. Upgrading the glass on the sliding doors to either tempered or laminated glass is sturdier and offer more safety and protection.
4) Safety glass windows & more. Safety glass upgrades not only benefits your tenants, but you as well. Knowing the safety glass is less likely to shatter, or break under the various circumstances can give you and the occupant’s peace of mind. Including this added feature in your listings can give you the edge among the renters looking for security as well as ensuring the safety.
5) Energy efficient window upgrade. Upgrading outdated windows can easily eliminate concerns that would present themselves to prospective tenants. Upgraded windows can offer enhanced soundproof qualities, increased energy efficiency, and be an exceptional aesthetic addition that positively impacts the visual aspects. These benefits are ideal to renters, helping you retain tenants and keep you rental unit current in modern accommodations.

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If you are looking to make any glass upgrades for your rental unit or other property, contact Dan’s Enterprises at (734) 595-3232 and let our specialists get started with a consultation!

Driving at night with headlights that seem dim is a common issue, because the headlights have turned cloudy. Exposure to the sun, rain, and road conditions over time has caused your acrylic headlights to wear; in most instances making them turn cloudy or foggy. When the headlights become severely foggy, they can reduce your visibility up to 50%; not only is this a safety hazard, but it mars the aesthetics of your vehicle. We at Dan’s Enterprises would like expound on foggy headlights.

What Makes Headlights Cloudy?

The specific elements that cause cloudy headlights include; chemicals and dirt, debris flying around, oxidation, and water vapors.
Chemicals and dirt: A thin layer of chemical residues and dirt form on the lenses over time; dimming the beam coming from your headlights from the opaque layer that is created.
Flying debris: Road salt, gravel, and other debris that gets kicked up and crashes into your vehicle takes some serious abuse as you cruise down the road. The top coat wears down and creates pits and scratches on your headlights, contributing to the cloudiness.
Oxidation: UV light oxidizes exposed acrylic headlights. Though a clear top protective coating on headlight lenses help prevent this from occurring, the coating wears off over time allowing the sunlight to discolor the hard plastic to yellow.
Water vapor: Watertight seal are equipped on the headlights when they are manufactured; but deteriorates the seal. Condensation is produced and you are unable to wipe the inside of the lens clean. Further impairment on nighttime visibility can be the product of the water droplets that scatter the beam of light.

How to Prevent Oxidation & Keep Headlights Clear

Park in the shade: Whenever the opportunity presents itself, park in the garage or under a shady tree. To reduce UV exposure and slow the oxidizing process, face your headlights away from the sun when parking outside when shaded areas are unavailable.
Polish headlights: To polish your headlight lenses and remove early signs of yellowing use a non-abrasive polishing treatment and a microfiber cloth.
Wash your car: Wash the headlights with automotive soap to clean the dirt and chemicals that promote fogging on the headlights every 3 months.

How to Clean Foggy Headlights

In minor cases, you can restore the headlights yourself. Wash the lenses with automotive soap before doing any other treatments. After which, any of these methods should remove the haze from your headlights:
Baking Soda Paste Method: Combine 5 tbsp of baking soda with a few drops of water at a time to create a paste. Generously apply the mixture to both headlights with a sponge and scrub with small circular motions. Rinse and dry the headlights.
Toothpaste Method: On each headlight, directly apply toothpaste. Scrub with a soft, dry cloth. Rinse the toothpaste away and thoroughly dry.
Vinegar Bath Method: Soak the headlights in white vinegar for 1 hour after you have removed them. With a rough sponge, scrub them clean, rinse well and completely dry then before you reinstall the lenses.

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When you are trying to design a salon, one of the key features will be the mirrors you choose for each station. Depending on the direction you are going in your design, there are several different mirror choices to choose from. Each type of mirror will bring a completely different look to your salon. Dan’s Enterprises is here to talk about the many options you have to choose from and what each mirror choice could bring as far as design to your home.

Traditional Salon Station Mirror Choices; Rectangular Wall Mirrors

By far, the most common mirror selections in salons would be the long, framed rectangle. The rectangular mirror offers a wide range of view for the client as well as the stylist. It is also an excellent choice in salons that are looking for clean lines. This traditional choice will win with most salon designs.

Contemporary High End Salon Mirror Choices; Round & Floating Mirrors

If you have chosen a contemporary design for your salon, there are several mirror choices for you. A great choice in contemporary style is the circular mirror. When choosing a circular mirror, make sure it is large enough that it takes up most of the wall space at each station. Another contemporary option that will allow your salon to feel open and airy is a floating mirror. There will be distinct stations while the entire space is open and airy.

Hollywood Style Vanity Mirrors

For those that are looking for a Hollywood style salon, consider making the stations look like the backstage rooms you might see onset. Think about mirrors that are surrounded by a border of lights. This choice will give you the lighting you need to create the right look for your client. When you combine dramatic lighting with the right mirrors, you will definitely feel the dramatic flare you are after when sitting down at each station.

Bring French Country to Your Salon with Vintage Mirrors

You may be looking for a shabby chic or French country style in your salon. One way to incorporate this design into your space is a vintage mirror. Think mirrors with intricate framework surrounding it. This is one way to surely add a glamorous flare to your salon.

Industrial Hair Salon Mirrors

When you are trying to accomplish an industrial design, you will want to fill the space with raw materials. When it comes to mirrors, think about mirrors that are surrounded by exposed metal piping or suspended from the ceiling by metal cord to create an industrial feel in your salon.

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No matter what design you have chosen for your new salon, there is no doubt that the mirrors at each station will be a focal point. You can add as much or as little drama to your salon with your mirror choices. For those that are looking for custom mirrors for your new salon, Dan’s Enterprises has you covered. Our glass experts can help your vision come to life with custom mirrors. Let us help you create the perfect stations in your salon. Call us today on (734) 595-3232!

When you are trying to decide whether to repair or replace your windows, there are some factors that should be considered. The window is an extremely important part of your home and can make or break that energy efficiency of the home. The windows should be in good condition and you have to realize that they don’t actually need to be broken to replace or repair them. There are many parts to the window being in good condition. The obvious one is the glass itself but it can also be the framing of the window and the weather stripping.

Dan’s Enterprises Lists Factors to Consider When Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Windows

Are The Windows Cracked, Shattered Or Broken?: The best thing to do is to walk around your home and look at each window. You want to check for any signs of damage from small cracks in the corner to an entire shattered window. When the glass is damaged it has been compromised and that can make it much easier to fall out. If the glass has large cracks you want to have the window replaced. The more damage there is to the glass the more likely it is that you will need to replace it.
Does Your Window Have Muntins?: There are windows that don’t just have a pane of glass that is solid but can have what are called muntins. These are the wood partitions that separate each piece of glass and make it more decorative. When you go looking at each of the windows that have these partitions you want to be sure they are in good shape. If you start to notice that the wood is broken, damaged or warped you want to look at replacing them. Not only do you want your window to look nice but the more damage the more likely it is to be susceptible to more damage.
Is Your Window Stuck & Won’t Open?: When you have windows that have not been used or have not been replaced often they can become damaged. The problem is that if the window is not taped off properly when the home is painted it can become stuck down. The paint may cause the window to be inoperable and that means it will need to be replaced. It can also mean that your windows are old and may be ready for a replacement too.
Does Your Window Have Ruined Trim Where Water Leaks Through?: One part of the window that needs to be looked at is the trim pieces that are encased around the window itself. The window needs to be held in place in several areas and the casing and trim is important. The trim is often times made of wood and that can become damaged from water or sun. It can also become cracked, chipped and broken. If you notice too much damage around the window you may need to replace it.

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