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We use mirrors in our daily lives either to make sure our appearance is suitable for the day’s activities or even for safety to provide more points of view. However, have you ever considered that there are different types of mirrors that are designed for specific reasons? There are several types of mirrors that are typically created for a single purpose. Dan’s Enterprises will share some facts about the different types of mirrors and their uses.

Mirror Reflection

Mirrors are made of plates of glass with one side having a metal coating or other material that creates a reflective surface. The different types of mirrors often come with the type of material used to create the reflective surface for specific purposes.

Types of Mirrors

Here are the different types of mirrors:
Plane Mirrors – The plane mirror uses a flat or planar reflective surface that produces a virtual image of the same size of the object being reflected. Originally older mirrors used copper, brass, or similar precious metal. However modern plane mirrors use thin plate glass to help protect it from tarnishing.
Spherical Mirror – Spherical mirrors can be either concave or convex mirrors. Concave or converging mirrors is when the glass is curved inwards much like a spoon, and then coated. The curvature of the image bounces light to create the focal point which makes the image seem larger in the reflection. Concave mirrors are often used for hygienic purposes. Convex mirrors are just the opposite. The curvature points outward just like the back of the spoon, with a wider angle distorting the object, making them seem smaller much like how vehicle side mirrors make everything look smaller. However, it creates a wide point of view. That’s why convex mirrors are considered a safe mirror to use. They are also used in stores to give a better view of merchandise to keep a better watch for shoplifters or suspicious behavior.
Two Way or One Way Mirrors – Two way or one way mirrors are both transparent and reflective. One side of the mirror reflects the image back outward while the other side of the glass can be seen through, much like a window glass. Most people are familiar with these types of mirrors as being used in interrogation rooms. However they are not limited to just that use. Many companies will use two-way or one-way mirrors as observation points or they can also be used to camouflage security cameras.
Silver Mirrors – One of the most common types of mirrors used is the silver mirror. These mirrors are coated with a layer of metallic silver which produces a highly reflective surface and give off a more accurate reflection of an object.

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Mirrors are used for both residential and commercial uses. Each type of mirror has its own unique design and purposes for which they might be used. Dan’s Enterprises installs windows and mirrors for all unique uses which one might desire. If you need windows replaced and installed, or need mirrors for their certain and beneficial use, contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232. We can provide a wide range of glass for all of your commercial and residential needs.

The windshield of your vehicle is key in your safety and survival in the case of an accident. But your windshield does much more than that to keep your car protected. The glass that makes up windshields has come a long way over the years and the buck doesn’t stop there. Fabricators are always looking for ways to improve the technology used in designing and fabricating glass windshields for your vehicle. Dan’s Enterprises is here to share some of the latest technology in windshields with you today.

Gorilla Glass Does Not Break Easily, Weighs Less & Offers High Visibility

You may be familiar with the term gorilla glass because that’s what your phone screen is made up of, but hold on, this technology is beginning to be used in car windshields. There is up to 50% less chance of cracks and damage while on the open road when you have a windshield that is made from gorilla glass. No longer do you have to worry about that loose gravel that seems to be showering your windshield as you barrel down the freeway. It offers a much greater durability than glass used in the past. It also only weighs a third of what traditional windshield glass weighs which helps it boost fuel efficiency and lower CO emissions. It doesn’t stop there when talking about the amazing benefits of gorilla glass. The clarity you experience when looking through this glass is three times better than other choices. You can’t go wrong when you have a windshield made from gorilla glass.

Car Windshield Head Up Projector Display

Distracted driving isn’t a new topic, and for good reason. This is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed and puts millions of lives in danger every single day. There is a new technology out that is trying to battle distracted driving by putting a viewing screen into your windshield. You will be able to see important alerts and other readings like your odometer and more through your windshield. This is all in the hopes of keeping focus on the road where it belongs. There is also the ability to use your phone via Bluetooth capability to dial and text completely hands free by swiping your windshield instead. Only luxury vehicles come equipped with this technology at this point.

Thermally Flexible Glass by VW

Everyone knows that the extremes of summer and winter weather can leave you less than comfortable in your car. VW has come out with new technology that involves an inner invisible layer of silver to reflect 60% of the sun’s rays which leaves your car cooler in the summer and melts snow and ice quicker in the winter.

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If you have a windshield that is damaged and in need of repairs, don’t put repairing it off. When your windshield is damaged or cracked, it directly effects your safety if in an accident. Dan’s Enterprises offers windshield replacement to help keep you safe while you are on the road driving. Call us today at (734) 595-3232!

When you have a glass window, windshield, or any other glass enclosure that has a crack or some other damage, you know that you will need to have it repaired or replaced. The problem is that some people want to wait till it is a big issue and that might not be the best idea. Even a small crack or chip can put the window under pressure and the damage can increase more and more. It is always a better idea to replace the broken window or glass right away. You never want to leave the damage until it potentially shattered. This can be a real hazard if someone is close by.

Dan’s Enterprises Lists Several Reasons Why You Should Have Your Broken Glass Windshield & Windows Replaced

New Glass Improves the Aesthetics: When you have a window or piece of glass in your home or your automobile that has any kind of damage or is cracked it can cause the look of the whole area to suffer. The cracks and damage is unsightly and most people take pride in the look and feel of their home or car. If you want to increase your curb appeal or the look of your vehicle you want to be sure to replace the broken or cracked glass right away.
Replacement Glass Increases Safety: You might think that a small crack or chip is not a safety risk at all. The problem is that even a small chip can reduce the strength of the window or glass substantially. Once there is a crack or chip, the odds are that the damage will increase even with the smallest bump or hit. If the glass does happen to shatter it can be a real safety risk. The pieces can and will often times fall and this could be very dangerous. This is why you want to replace a damaged or broken window or glass right away.
New Glass Will Stop Leaks from Rain etc: One of the jobs that your windows have is to stop debris, dirt and other weather related items from getting past. When there is a crack or other damage it can no longer do one of the jobs it is intended to do. This now opens your home or car up to potential water damage and other dirt. The problem is that if water is allowed to seep in you now have to deal with the damage from the water such as mold and mildew. This is a secondary problem that occurs from a cracked or broken window. That is why it is so important to have your damaged glass and windows replaced right away. You want to keep your home and vehicle protected from other damage that can often times occur.

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When you have a broken piece of glass it is extremely important to have it inspected and repaired or replaced right away. You also want to be sure that you have a professional company that has the expertise to do it right. In some cases, a chip or crack can be repaired. For example, if a crack is less than 6 inches long and a chip is smaller than an inch, it can probably be repaired. However, more significant damage will require that the entire windshield be replaced. Dan’s Enterprises can handle all your glass and mirror needs. Contact us today at (734) 595-3232!

Many commercial business establishments utilize glass windows and doors as their storefront. Enticing the passerby foot traffic with what you have to offer often gets people in the door. Glass doors offer comfort and additional benefits that solid enclosures do not. But when disaster strikes and the glass door for example, is victimized by an attempted burglary, extreme weather conditions, or other circumstances that causes the glass to become chipped, it leaves the durability weakened and compromises the integrity of the glass.

Commercial Door & Window Replacement

We at Dan’s Enterprises would like to suggest keeping the glass door and replacing the cracked glass as opposed for opting for something more solid. Though there are other fashionable doors available for commercial installation, having a glass door reinstalled have a multitude of benefits and with security grade glass, your business can still be well protected while not having to sacrifice the advantages of the glass door.

Benefits of Security Glass & Storm Doors

Such benefits of security glass doors include the following examples:
1) Security. Security glass is designed to be tougher and harder to break through then traditional glass. Not only will security glass offer more protection but being tougher to break in the unfortunate event of an accident, serious injuries can be averted. According to statistics, criminals avoid spending too much on task and if the security glass proves to be a challenge, they will look elsewhere for an easier score. Keeping your business’s cash, data, products, equipments, and supplies secure as well as employees is one of the primary priorities.
2) Natural Light. Natural light better illuminates the interior of your space. Whether you are an office space, retail, or provide trade services; staff members, customers, colleagues, and other guests are more likely to be in better moods than being in darkened establishments. Production is higher and exposure is improved. With the additional natural light, utility costs also are reduced.
3) Flexibility. Security glass doors are flexible in placement; not only can they be used to enhance your storefront but they can be used in the interior such as office or conference room doors. In addition to placement, glass doors offer a variety of styles and custom designs. With various frame sizes, styles, and colors along with choosing the right hardware, your glass door can appropriately blend into the commercial architectural design as well as increase the unique design.
4) Cost Effective. This is a cost effective method that not only adds other beneficial gain, but it also upgrades the look of the building to a modernized and sophisticated appearance.
5) Increase Property Value. Modernizing the storefront with glass increases the property value and makes the property more attractive to prospective buyers should you ever chose to sell the commercial building.

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If your cracked storefront glass door or even windows are in need of replacing or repairs, Dan’s Enterprises is readily available to offer our expertise and services at affordable rates. Call Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232 and let our specialists take care of the cracked glass store front in the most optimal manner for your needs and your budget.

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