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There are many options available when it comes to patio doors and sliding glass doors offer many advantages. Bringing in more light and optimizing the outdoor space are just a few examples. Though there are many styles and choices at your finger tips, we at Dan’s Enterprises would like to share the additional benefits a sliding glass door can offer you.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

1) Energy Efficiency: Glass on its own isn’t an effective insulator, but advanced modern window technology now adequately supports sliding doors to maintain the energy efficiency without sacrificing the stunning views. Just select a sliding glass door that includes composite gaskets, double-pane glass, and other features that are designed for optimal energy efficiency.
2) Uncomplicated Operation: A sliding door glides easily slides along its rails to open fully with hardly any effort at all; requiring a simple push of a finger. Opening the sliding door with ease ensures anyone of any height or strength can manage the door. Despite the ease, the locking mechanisms in conjunction with security bars will sufficiently prevent intruders from opening the door from the outside.
3) Space Saving: Sliding glass doors contribute to maximizing your square footage because they glide open rather than pivoting on a hinge and intrude on the space. This allows you the freedom to place furniture and seating near either side of the door without affecting its ability to open.
4) Combine Indoor/Outdoor Living Space: When the weather is favorable, many people enjoy spending time enjoying the fresh air. With the easily manipulated, large glass panels a sliding door makes gaining access to the outdoor space very convenient. Without feeling too separate from one another, you can host parties where guests are extended both indoors and outside. Sliding screens help prevent pests from sneaking inside where they don’t belong as well.
5) Aesthetics: A sliding glass door adds an elegant aesthetic to any home and easily blends with most architectural styles and interior design motifs as it offers functionality and practical use.
6) Natural Lighting: Sliding patio doors are equipped with extra large panes of glass. Even when closed, they allow tremendous amounts of natural light to flood into your home.
If your concern is the UV rays causing damage to the interior elements of your home, you can avoid sunlight from heating up your home or fading your upholstery, by using the sliding doors that feature UV-blocking glass.
7) View of the Outdoors: If you have a particularly serene view, whether it is of your landscape, luscious garden, or naturally surrounding sights, enjoying the view is remarkable. Little children or pets playing in the yard are an intriguing event and thanks to the large glass panes, the sliding doors grant excellent views of what is going on in your own backyard. But when you desire privacy, blinds or curtains can be used as well as to block out the light when necessary.
8) Versatility: Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, there are is plenty of versatility when customizing your sliding glass door. Standard version includes one sliding panel and one fixed panel to larger double sliding glass doors is all available. Whatever your needs are, the sliding glass door can often accommodate.

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When it comes to installation or repairs, call Dan’s Enterprises at (734) 595-3232. Our specialists know glass and work with it well to give our customers exceptional services.

For many it is always that propelled rock on the freeway that seems to chip or crack your vehicle’s windshield. When a chip or crack occurs, you don’t want to leave the damage unattended for too long a period of time. There are many factors as to why you should have your windshield either repaired or replaced. Dan’s Enterprises will share why you need to repair your windshield quickly as well as the different types of stress that can cause that little windshield chip to spread into a major crack.

Why Auto Glass Repairs Need to be Done

There are many reasons as to why you should repair a chipped windshield. The most obvious reason is that a chip can turn into a crack at any given time. Any kind of increased pressure on your windshield can cause a chip to escalate into a major crack, especially during driving. Another factor is that a windshield glass provides 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength. When the glass is weakened during a collision, the structural tolerance is also weakened and leaves you and other passengers less protected and at risk for greater injury. Another benefit to having your windshield repaired as soon as possible is that it will help save you money. It costs more to replace a windshield than it does to repair it. If you wait too long, you are taking the chance that a major crack will occur and cause visibility problems. If this should happen, you will most likely need to replace the entire windshield. Most people would rather just repair and prevent the crack.

Types of Windshield Stress

There are three major types of stress that can cause a simple chip to turn into a huge crack. The first is cold stress. According to the Motor Industry Research Association, a chipped windshield has an 80% more chance to turn into a crack and continue to spread in colder weather where temperatures drop to around 14 degrees. Another test shows that in a temperature of 32 degrees, a windshield has a 60% chance of spreading or causing a major crack to occur. The other major stress that can cause cracks is warm weather. In the heat if the summer months, Motor Industry Research Association tests shows that the glass can become distorted or misshapen. The stress of the warping can cause the windshield to crack along the area of the chipped glass. These cracks attend to travel upwards. The final stress is caused just by driving your vehicle. This can be stressful enough to cause a chip to turn into a crack especially over bumpy terrain. Driving at higher speeds on bumpy or rough road with a chipped windshield will, more often than not will, result in a cracked windshield. If you continue to drive after your windshield has a crack, the crack often will continue to spread and become an even greater problem.

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In general, most chips and cracks can be repaired. It comes down to four factors: the locations, size, depth and type of the damage. Results will vary based on age, location and severity of the damage. Dan’s Enterprises is able to help repair or replace your windshield on your vehicle. Chips can be filled and held together with a special resin. However cracks can’t be repaired. Once a crack appears, you will need to replace your vehicle’s windshield. For all of your glass needs Dan’s Enterprise can help. We handle all things glass. Contact us today on (734) 595-3232.

Most people find large windows luxurious. They provide a great view and natural sunlight. However, they also let in heat from the sun’s UV rays. During the summer months, this proves to be a huge nuisance, especially on our energy bills. Most will consider tinting their windows, or covering them in aluminum foil (which looks awful), or by using expensive black out curtains. Yet, in so doing, you lose that spectacular view and the natural light. Dan’s Enterprises would like to share how we are stepping into the future with modern technology. Now, we are beginning to see the many uses of “Smart Glass”.

What is Smart Glass Technology

What is smart glass exactly? Is it a new way of window tinting? Nope, far from it. Unlike widow tinting, where a tinted film is placed over the window, smart glass is more like a chameleon. The glass adjusts to the different wavelengths of light that penetrates the glass. As the sunlight hits the glass, it will change colors, adding somewhat of a polarized tint to the glass, which blocks the sunlight.

How is Smart Glass Made & How Does it Work?

The technology of the glass is credited to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California alongside the Autonomous University in Barcelona. Smart glass is constructed with niobates, which is an elemental compound of niobium and oxygen. When the two are mixed together they create nanometer-sized indium tin oxide crystal. This glass is the same type of glass used for touch screens on tablets and other devices. However, smart glass is not technically glass. Regular window glass is primarily made of silicone dioxide and mixed together with other chemicals such as alumina, lime, magnesia, and sodium oxide, which give the glass strength. Additionally, the molecules are jumbled around without a specific pattern unlike regular glass. Smart glass is only considered a glass because of its glass like structure. Smart glass is made by dissolving the niobate in water. Afterwards indium tin oxide nanocrystal is added. The molecules link up together forming tiny clusters. With the liquid solution, the developer then heats it. The heat transforms the liquid into a solid piece of glass. However it doesn’t stop there. The next step is adding a layer of liquid electrolyte on top of the glass followed by a second electrode. With this electrode on the surface of the glass, the developers then send a 4-volt electrical current into it which make the glass transparent. The electrical charge alters the nanocrystal where they can block wavelengths of light from the sun.

Smart Glass Windows & Doors

Smart glass isn’t actually a whole piece of glass or window. Regular glass is still used with a micrometer thick layer of the smart glass laid on top of it. Smart glass is still in development but it is beginning to be used for windows and doors for both commercial and residential properties. The smart glass can be custom-fitted for any door or window. With the smart glass technology, we can now have a great view and natural light without the sun heating up the inside of our homes and businesses.

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Dan’s Enterprises is excited about the upcoming advancement in glass technology and can’t wait for it to become accessible for common use. For all your glass needs, Dan’s Enterprises can help repair, replace and custom cut any type of glass. Contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232.

For those who prefer the modern designs in their home, you may have a lot of glass surfaces such as glass tables, coffee tables and even shelving. Even though thick heavy duty glass is used for these types of surfaces, you still need to consider its care and proper maintenance. You may want to know how to protect the glass from scratches and other types of damage. Dan’s Enterprises will share how you can properly protect and maintain your glass tables and other surfaces to keep that glass streak free and clean.

Best Glass Cleaners for Tables that Leave No Streaks

There are a few options for cleaning glass regardless as to what type of surface it is. You can use the eco friendly cleaner that is 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray bottle. However use distilled water and not tap water. You can also use aerosol foam cleaner that works great on glass. Regardless as to your glass cleaner choice, make sure to use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe the glass for a streak free finish. Another secret cleaner if the glass has collected oil and grease or the glass appears to be foggy, is to use rubbing alcohol. You might be surprised to see how great rubbing alcohol works on glass.

How Not to Clean Glass Tabletops

When cleaning glass surfaces, especially mirrors, avoid using ammonia based products or cleaners with a high acid content. Both can destroy the glass and eat away at the edges of mirrors and destroy the silver backing. Also avoid using paper towels as they often leave streaks and lint behind after cleaning.

Glass Table Protection; Clear Anti-Scratch Film & More

Glass dining tables, coffee tables, or shelving usually come in contact with other solid objects that can scratch, chip, and even crack the glass. Most tables or shelving designed with a glass surface use tempered glass which is a strong glass and can withstand impacts better. However you may still want to help protect the glass. Some suggestions are to use a table cloth to help protect the table from scratches caused by eating ware. Additionally, dining mats also help, along with coasters for cups. For those who still want that transparent look of the glass but want to protect the glass your can get a waterproof PVC protective cover found in many stores. You can cut it to fit your glass surfaces. Another option is to have an anti-scratch protective film installed. You will want to avoid heavy weighted items on the glass especially shelving that can break under the constant pressure of the weight of the object. The glass should have a weight tolerance label so you know not to surpass the suggested weight tolerance. For decorative items on tables or shelves, you may way to use a rubber or cloth padding that you can cut to fit the item’s base to provide padding between the glass and the object.

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Dan’s Enterprises provides glass products. One of them is custom table tops and shelving. We often replace damaged or broken pieces of glass within the home. Tempered glass, if cared for and maintained, can last through time. We hope we were able to share some basic advice on how you can maintain and clean clear glass tops and protect them from scratches, chips, or future breaks. For all of your glass needs, contact Dan’s Enterprises at (734) 595-3232.

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