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Most people consider a mirror nothing more than a piece of reflective glass. Most utilize mirrors on a daily basis and even throughout the day; oral hygiene, personal grooming, and other such reasons are often why people have mirrors in the first place. Not only are mirrors used for practical applications, but they can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the architectural. There are quite a few ways you can utilize mirrors to amplify the home’s décor. Mirrors serve many purposes; one of the best benefits is to make smaller rooms appear larger. Making a major impact on your home design scheme, mirrors go well beyond giving you conformation that you are put together. With that in mind, we at Dan’s Enterprises would like to discuss a few examples as to how mirrors can be useful to your home’s aesthetics.

Advantages of Mirrors; Create More Light, Make a Room Look Bigger & More

Mirrors Make Space Appear Bigger: A classy designed mirrored wall takes your room size and doubles it; visually speaking. Condo circa 1984 isn’t the goal we are talking about in this design. A full mirrored wall in an outdated version is better left avoided, where it does appear to expand the space, it is also an eyesore. You can incorporate elegance and contemporary designs with the right balance of mirrors within the space. Hang an array of smaller mirrors with some spaces in between them as opposed to one continuous mirror, or several full panels of mirrors that join precisely together. Add your own flare by using different shapes and mix and match custom mirrors. By keeping the frames simple, it widens the space and leaves it feeling clean and uncluttered.
Decorative Mirrors Enhance Garden & Outdoor Ambience: Having all of one window, the exceptionally tiny room doesn’t really embody a stunning display. When doing any kind renovation is out of the question to tear the walls and create more space, you need effective alternatives. Just across the window, place a mirror. Without any kind of expensive demolition, you now have a double view of a scenic reflection as well as an increase in natural light coming in. In addition to looking amazing, you can conserve energy and cost by not needing to flip the lights on but still have light.
Optimize Mirror Position: A long, thin mirror hanging horizontally may make a major difference in the way you see your space. A full-length mirror on the back of your closet door, for example, traditionally hung vertically can have a different effect on the room by being hung horizontally, adding the illusion of more space. Another way to optimize the positioning is to stagger a few horizontal mirrors on different levels to offer larger optics of the area.

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No matter if any of these options seem optimal for your needs, or if you have something else in mind, call in the specialists of Dan’s Enterprises to provide you with your customized mirrors. Our experts can help you get the right size, and design to optimize the space in your home. Call us today at (734) 595-3232 to get started!

If you are looking to modernize and update the look of your kitchen cabinets you might consider a glass front. The standard type of cabinet door is the wood that matches the rest of the cabinet. Although this is a great option for many homes, lots of people are looking to make more of a statement. If you are considering a glass panel front you should know what your getting yourself into. There are several options that exist when choosing to have glass on your cabinets. Knowing what options there are and why they might be best for your kitchen can help make the decision simple. You can also talk to a professional about the benefits of glass and how the installation process will go.

Dan’s Enterprises Lists the Benefits of Different Front Panel Cabinet Glass Styles

Clear Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors: The first option that exists for kitchen cabinets is clear glass. This is a great option for many reasons. If you have a white or neutral colored kitchen then clear could be perfect for you. The light colored room can have color and vibrancy added to the room from your dishware. You want to be sure that you are ready to be organized since all your dishes will be seen through the cabinets. If you have great looking dishes or heirlooms to show off then clear glass is the best. You can also choose to have only the top cabinets installed with glass so you have some privacy.
Kitchen Cabinets with Frosted Glass Inserts: If you have been scared off of clear glass because it shows your cabinet contents, then frosted glass may be a good option. A frosted glass is great because you still get the lightness from having glass in your home but you are able to hide some of the details. Frosted glass is just clear glass that has been sandblasted. This is a process that adds a layer of matte finish to the glass. You can still see the silhouette of what is in the cabinets but not every detail. If you are concerned about the look of some of your dishes this is a great way to go.
Fluted or Reeded Glass Front Cabinets: There is an option in between a clear and frosted glass. If you want a clearer look but the option to hide what is in the cabinet then a fluted or reeded glass is great. The clear glass is prepped and before it has been dried a roller or tool is used to add texture to the glass. This will obscure the glass so that anything that is behind the glass will be out of focus. The fine detail will not be seen even though the glass is clear. This is a great type of glass to use if you want to modernize a room but it also is perfect in a traditional kitchen as well.

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The cold chill of winter is almost upon us and with the colder weather comes the threat of ice and snow; and if you live in Michigan you can expect lots of both this winter. Being proactive will keep you ahead of the game and using rock salt to melt ice off your driveways and sidewalks will help assist you in keeping your family and friends safe and sound during the cold harsh winter months.

How to Salt Driveways & Sidewalks to Melt Snow

Tools needed include your rock salt and a shovel. Salt for melting ice off of your driveways, sidewalks and other surfaces is available in a variety of chemical compositions and one of the most effective is sodium chloride which is more commonly referred to as rock salt. Halite or traditional rock is available in large pellets which dissolve and melt ice effectively.
1. Begin by shoveling the snow from the area you intend to salt: It is extremely important to remove as much snow and ice from the area as you can before applying the rock salt. Removing snow is hard work but it is well worth the effort in the long run and will help insure that the salt works to its best advantage.
2. Apply rock salt: Apply the rock salt to any icy areas on your driveway and walkways. You will notice that the ice will begin to melt almost immediate especially any thin layers of ice. Thicker patches will take longer to melt so you should give the salt a chance to be absorbed before removing as much of the ice as you can with a shovel.
3. Reapplication of rock salt: The rock salt can be reapplied as often as needed after you have finished shoveling away the excess. Prepare for future ice and snow by keeping a healthy supply of rock salt on hand to tackle dangerous ice patches during the remainder of the winter season.

Tips to Help You Prepare for the Cold Winter Weather

Purchase rock salt in bulk before the cold weather arrives. Rock salt can be stored for long periods without losing its effectiveness. Purchasing and storing your rock salt means less trips back and forth when you need it, not to mention the hassle or tracking down a highly sort after commodity.. A great time to purchase rock salt is in the months before the predicted snow arrives and suppliers begin to run low. Rock salt can be easily stored in a garden or utility shed until the snowy weather is upon us. Never store your rock salt close to anything that is made from metal, doing so will result in corrosion should the items ever be exposed to even the smallest amount of moisture.

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To purchase your rock salt for the upcoming winter months in Wayne County, MI, contact the knowledgeable experts at Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232.

With Christmas right around the corner, one of the greatest joys of the holiday season is sitting around a warm and toasty wood burning fireplace with family and friends drinking hot cocoa and warm apple cider. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) winter is also the time of year that accidents happen as a direct result of wood burning stoves and fireplaces that are improperly maintained. Failing to properly take care of your wood burning fireplace can result in chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning which may have fatal consequences for some home owners this holiday season.

How to Safely Use a Wood Burning Fireplace

Annual Chimney Inspection. First thing on your list should be an annual chimney inspection performed by a certified chimney service professional to make sure the various components within your fireplace are working correctly. A regular inspection and cleaning will also make sure that any blockages are removed along with any build up or creosote. Getting your fireplace cleaned once a year will keep you and your family safe from harm by dramatically reducing the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Keep Leaves & Animals Out of Chimney. Keep trees and tree limbs roughly 15 feet away from the top of your chimney and be sure to install a chimney cap if you don’t already have one to keep leaves and animals out.
Well Seasoned Firewood. It is imperative that you select the correct fuel for wood stoves and fireplaces. Select well-seasoned wood that has been split and stored in a covered location. Never burn treated wood or Christmas trees which can overpower you with fumes. The correct way to build a fire is to place the firewood towards the back of the fireplace on the support grate before lighting it.
Keep Area Free of Clutter. It is very important to keep the entire area free of clutter; any combustible materials that are placed close to the fireplace can easily catch fire. Furniture should be kept a minimum of 36 inches away from your heath.
Other Fireplace Safety Tips. Always use a fireplace screen when burning a fire to catch sparks and protect smaller children. Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home for added protection. Never leave your wood store or fireplace unattended and always make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before retiring to bed in the evening.

Wood Burning Fireplace Safety Tips

• Your fireplace should be used for short periods of time, five hours of less
• If you have glass doors, keep them open to allow air to cool the chimney
• Keep the screen closed to prevent any sparks from shooting out into the air
• Purchase a nonflammable rug from your local fireplace supply or hardware store and place it in front of the fireplace to prevent sparks from melting and damaging your soft furnishings and carpets.
• Never allow children to play with tools or equipment used in or around the fireplace
• Crack a window open to prevent the area from becoming smoky

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Kitchen cabinets with a glass front bring an elegant look to any kitchen. Kitchen cabinet glass can come in different colors, texture, and types of glass to fit your kitchen’s overall design. Another benefit of having glass cabinet fronts is the ability to change out the glass or replace the glass when the need occurs or desire arises. Whether you are installing new glass cabinets or want to change out the glass for a new look, Dan’s Enterprises will share some of the most popular types of glass used for kitchen cabinets.

Types of Decorative Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Transparent Glass – If you want a glass to fit any design or color scheme in your kitchen, transparent glass never fails to delight. Transparent glass gives kitchens a clean look, and the glass is widely available and easily replaced. Especially those who keep the dishes neat, and want to show off your nice china, transparent glass is a fine choice.
Frosted Glass – Most modern style kitchens favor using a frosted glass in the kitchen cabinets. Frosted glass is a sheet of glass that was blasted with a sand or grit material to create the frosted look. For those who like the look of glass, but don’t like showcasing your dishware frosted glass is the better choice. However, frosted glass is still transparent, yet the frost texture removes the details if you want to keep your items under wraps. Another down side to frosted glass is it can be difficult to match if the need to replace one of the panes of glass.
Textured Glass – If you want to add more eye appeal to your kitchen, many will use textured glass. Textured glass is a glass that has been either molded or embossed with a unique pattern or design. This adds a visual affect to the glass. Textured glass often has ribbed peddled, beveled, or grooved patterns on the glass. Again, if the glass needs replacing, it may be more difficult with this type of glass. Nonetheless, textured glass brings class to any kitchen.
Seeded Glass – Seeded glass–or sometime referred to as vintage chic glass–dates back to colonial times. Seeded glass has tiny pockets of bubbles which resemble seeds, hence the name. For homeowners who want an old fashioned design to their kitchen adding seeded glass is the way to go. Seeded glass is handcrafted and the size of the bubbles can be determined by the makers. The more and bigger the bubbles are, the more it obstructs the view of what is inside. Depending on how much transparency you want the bigger or small the bubbles you will want to have.
Leaded Glass – If you want an old world feel that can create a sense of elegance, leaded glass has that amazing look. It fits well with many different kitchen designs. Leaded glass usually is a combination of steel or iron framing surrounded by a slightly tinted glass. Leaded glass is commonly used for enclosed book cases but often appear in kitchens as well. This glass creates a sense of awe when used correctly.

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If you’re replacing your kitchen cabinets with glass cabinet fronts or just changing out the glass, consider using one of these types of glass. Dan’s Enterprises can help cut custom glass for your home kitchen cabinets and so much more. For all of you glass needs contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232.

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