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Salting & Snow Plowing Removal

One of the chores that seem to be never ending in the winter time is snow removal. This is one of the most dreaded tasks and many times it has to be done before you can even leave the house to start your day. The snow starts to build up and the more it does, the harder it is to remove from your property. There are many ways to remove the snow around your home and property but each of them takes time out in the freezing air to accomplish them. The best thing to do is to hire a professional who will come out and take care of the snow for you.

Snow Removal Service Area

We offer fast and efficient snow removal services from the 275 to Telegraph and from Warren Rd to the 94 as illustrated in the map. This area covers Wayne, Westland, Romulus, Inkster, Garden City, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Taylor, Ypsilanti as well as parts of Livonia and surrounding cities.

Professional Snow Removal Services

Dan’s Enterprises offers professional snow removal and here are several techniques and areas that can be treated.
Snow Salting: Another way to remove the snow and ice from your property is to scatter rock salt around the areas that you want to treat. The salt starts to dissolve in the ice and in turn causes the water molecules to move faster which will start the melting process.
Snow Plowing: This is what is used on most roadways around a city or town that has large amounts of snow fall. It can also be used on your personal property but most people don’t own a plow so hiring a professional to clear your property is the best way to go.

Areas for Residential & Commercial Snow Removal

There are many areas that will need to have the snow removed in order to allow you to function and go about your everyday life. We treat the following areas of your home:
– Driveway
– Porch
– Stairs
– Sidewalks
– Parking Lots
– Streets

Salting & Snow Plowing Removal in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

If you are in need of snow removal this winter give us a call and we can send a technician out to make a pathway for you!

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