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Beauty & Hair Styling Salon Station Mirrors for Hairdressers & Make Up Artists in Garden City, MI; Rectangular, Round, Hollywood Vanity & More

When you are trying to design a salon, one of the key features will be the mirrors you choose for each station. Depending on the direction you are going in your design, there are several different mirror choices to choose from. Each type of mirror will bring a completely different look to your salon. Dan’s Enterprises is here to talk about the many options you have to choose from and what each mirror choice could bring as far as design to your home.

Traditional Salon Station Mirror Choices; Rectangular Wall Mirrors

By far, the most common mirror selections in salons would be the long, framed rectangle. The rectangular mirror offers a wide range of view for the client as well as the stylist. It is also an excellent choice in salons that are looking for clean lines. This traditional choice will win with most salon designs.

Contemporary High End Salon Mirror Choices; Round & Floating Mirrors

If you have chosen a contemporary design for your salon, there are several mirror choices for you. A great choice in contemporary style is the circular mirror. When choosing a circular mirror, make sure it is large enough that it takes up most of the wall space at each station. Another contemporary option that will allow your salon to feel open and airy is a floating mirror. There will be distinct stations while the entire space is open and airy.

Hollywood Style Vanity Mirrors

For those that are looking for a Hollywood style salon, consider making the stations look like the backstage rooms you might see onset. Think about mirrors that are surrounded by a border of lights. This choice will give you the lighting you need to create the right look for your client. When you combine dramatic lighting with the right mirrors, you will definitely feel the dramatic flare you are after when sitting down at each station.

Bring French Country to Your Salon with Vintage Mirrors

You may be looking for a shabby chic or French country style in your salon. One way to incorporate this design into your space is a vintage mirror. Think mirrors with intricate framework surrounding it. This is one way to surely add a glamorous flare to your salon.

Industrial Hair Salon Mirrors

When you are trying to accomplish an industrial design, you will want to fill the space with raw materials. When it comes to mirrors, think about mirrors that are surrounded by exposed metal piping or suspended from the ceiling by metal cord to create an industrial feel in your salon.

Residential & Commercial Glass & Mirror Services in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

No matter what design you have chosen for your new salon, there is no doubt that the mirrors at each station will be a focal point. You can add as much or as little drama to your salon with your mirror choices. For those that are looking for custom mirrors for your new salon, Dan’s Enterprises has you covered. Our glass experts can help your vision come to life with custom mirrors. Let us help you create the perfect stations in your salon. Call us today on (734) 595-3232!

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