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Custom Mirrors

At Dan’s Enterprises our knowledgeable designers and installation specialists have a reputation for providing professional mirror installation services to homes and businesses in Wayne, MI and the surrounding areas for over 37 years. Over the last 3 ½ decades we have perfected our knowledge of mirrors by offering customized design options and expert craftsmanship. Our highly experienced employees are the experts when it comes to advising clients on design options for home or office. Let us transform the rooms within your home into the bright, spacious and luxuriously appointed interior that you have always dreamed of.

Custom Kitchen Mirror Design & Installation Services

If you have always wanted a kitchen that is bright and sophisticated adding a custom kitchen mirror can do wonders for your space. Custom mirrors are the perfect way to add reflected lighting and room brightening effects to your kitchen prep areas. If your kitchen lacks natural lighting, installing a mirror over your sink can make a statement by providing an element of focused light to the room. On the other hand, installing a mirrored backsplash will add charm, refinement and luxury to beautify your kitchen work space. Our knowledgeable design team will advise you on mirror placement to maximize your kitchen lighting while adding that little something extra to your space.

Bathroom Mirror Makeover Designs & Installations

Your bathroom mirrors are not only functional they are also considered the focal point of the room. At Dan’s Enterprises, we provide customized mirrors that are designed to personalize your space while transforming your bathroom from ordinary into something truly amazing. Our customized bathroom mirrors are not only functional; they are also designed to brighten your space by reflecting both natural and artificial light to illuminate the area while adding sophistication and style.

Custom Bedroom Mirror Design & Installation

Create your dream bedroom by brightening the entire room with the effects of space enhancing bedroom mirrors. Not only will your space appear much larger it will also appear brighter. Custom mirrors are the perfect way to enhance the lighting throughout your entire bedroom area. Installing a full length bedroom mirror will ensure that you leave the house to begin your day looking fresh as a daisy without a hair out of place.

Entryway Mirror Custom Designs & Installations

At Dan’s Enterprises we specialize in custom mirrors that are designed to enhance your living space. Adding a mirror to your entryway will make your home more inviting to family and friends by making the entrance feel larger without taking up a lot of room. The light reflected from the mirror will brighten your entryway and make your home more welcoming. Our knowledgeable staff will advise you on placement and design to ensure that you maximize the appeal of your entryway.

Creative Dining Room Mirror Design & Installation

Adding mirrors to your dining area is a great way to add the illusion of space by reflecting natural and artificial lighting. Create an intimate dining setting or casual dining area that is both beautiful and functional with a custom wall mirror from Dan’s Enterprises.

Custom Framed & Frameless Living Room Mirrors

At Dan’s Enterprises we specialize in making small living areas look bright and spacious by adding the illusion of space with a custom wall mirror that is designed to reflect the room’s natural lighting. Your living room will feel both inviting while adding functionality with a custom mirror design that acts as the focal point of the room while adding sophistication and elegance to your space.

Mirror & Glass Services in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

At Dan’s Enterprises we specialize in custom mirror design and installation for all areas of your home or business including:
Bathroom | Exercise | Fireplace | Bar | Kitchen | Entryway | Living | Dining | Bedroom
For more information regarding custom mirror design and installation services, contact the knowledgeable experts at Dan’s Enterprises today.

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