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Custom Glass Table Top & Shelving

For people looking for a way to add a seamless touch to their furniture and home décor, Dan’s Enterprises is here to offer glass table tops and glass shelving to help you finish the design in your space. When you choose the glass experts at Dan’ Enterprises, you can count on quality workmanship and nothing short of a professional experience.

Benefits of Protective Glass Dining, Coffee & Other Table Tops

In most cases, customers choose glass table tops to protect their furniture from dings and scratches. When you decide to use glass to protect your wood surfaces, thinner glass is used and is 1/4 inch thick. Our glass experts cut, bevel and temper glass to fit your customized table top needs. This is a great way to add polish and shine to older furniture that may look dull as well.

Custom Glass Shelves for Curio Cabinets & More

The seamless design that glass shelving adds to your space is the perfect accent to any room. They aren’t as bulking and distracting as wooden or metal shelving and can make the space appear larger. Our glass shelving is customized to fit in your space and a practical, beautiful storage solution.

Different Glass Edge Finish Options

Here are some of the glass edges that you have to choose from when you choose Dan’s Enterprises for custom glass:
Beveled Edge– By grinding off the edge of the glass, the edge is given a decorative look. You can choose between several widths with a beveled edge.
Mitered Edge– Mitering is done by grinding the edge of the glass at a specific angle.
Seaming– Top and bottom edges are sanded for safety.
Polished Edges– Several polish finishes are available such as flat, satin and high-luster to finish the surface.

Residential & Commercial Glass & Mirror Services in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

The glass experts at Dan’s Enterprises offer a variety of different glass table tops and shelving that are custom made to suit your design needs. Contact us for all your glass and mirror needs.

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