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Different Types of Glass & Their Uses

Dan’s Enterprises LLC are the leading experts when it comes to glass and mirror surfaces. Installation, repairs, and replacements are not a problem and we do custom glass work for our valued commercial and residential clients in Wayne County Michigan. Our artisan craftsmanship of glass and mirrors doesn’t conclude our services, as Dan’s Enterprises LLC also has additional services in our menu.

Different Types of Glass & Their Uses

In an effort to extend our customer service online, Dan’s Enterprises LLC has prepared a list of the different types of glass.
Bullet-resisting glass– a multilayer laminated glass that can stop even heavy-caliber bullets at close range.
Colored structural glass– available in an assortment of colors, this heavy plated glass is used in buildings for interior partitions and partitions as well as tabletops in addition to an exterior facing.
Fiberglass– is comprised fine solid rods of glass, loosely packed together in a wool-like mass that has the ability to serve as heat insulation and has fire-resistant and washable qualities. Fiberglass constructed with both wool or cotton fibers can be used to manufacture cloth, glass yarn, mats, and tape in addition to many other uses.
Flat glass– is primarily used in windows, but also used to construct mirrors, room dividers, some furnishings, and windshields.
Foam glass– black honeycomb-like filled with many tiny cells of gas that is surrounded and sealed off from the others by thin walls of glass is frequently used, on steam pipes and chemical equipment as well as a heat insulator in buildings.
Glass building blocks– sealed together at a high temperature two hollow half-sections create glass building blocks. Because of the dead-air space inside each block, they are excellent insulators from the heat or cold. They make walls and other structures and are laid similarly to bricks.
Glass for electrical uses– glass is very durable and has the ability to resist heat, electric current flow, along with sealing tightly to metals without cracking; making it useful in electrical applications. Glass used in electric light bulbs, television sets, and other such electrical settings.
Laminated safety glass– made by alternating layers of flat glass and plastic; it is designed to be better contained upon destruction. Used commonly in windshields, laminated glass is used where broken glass has the potential to pose serious injuries.
Opal glass– widely used for tableware and other furniture designs as well as in lighting fixtures, opal glass has small particles within the glass to make it appear milky.
Photochromic glass– when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the glass is darkened and when the rays are removed, the glass clears up again. Photochromic glass is often utilized for eyeglass wear, windows, and instrument controls.
Tempered safety glass– looking, feeling, and weighing as ordinary glass, a single piece given a special heat treatment to become several times stronger even presenting a challenge to break using force with a hammer. Side and rear windows of automobiles, all-glass doors in stores, and basketball backboards, and for other special purposes are just a few examples.
Wired safety glass– wired glass is a common sight in schools, businesses, and hotels. It is manufactured as a fire retardant with wire mesh inlaid in the glass to prevent it from shattering and breaking when exposed to high temperatures or under stress.

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