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Bathroom Custom Shower Doors & Enclosures

As you design or remodel your bathroom, you may be looking for shower enclosures or doors that are outside the box. If you are looking for something unique, the glass specialists at Dan’s Enterprises offer a wide variety of custom glass services. Bathrooms that are well done are some of the largest selling points in a home. Designing a bathroom that is bold and luxurious will pay off in the long run. We can make enclosures and doors that fit custom showers and add unique design to any bathroom in your home.

Round Sliding, Pivot & Other Shower Doors & Enclosures

You may be designing a shower that isn’t your basic square or rectangle. In those instances, it may be hard to find the enclosures and doors needed for your shower. With the experience of our glass specialists, there isn’t a custom shower that we can’t design doors and enclosures for. You may be looking for curved doors, frameless doors, bi-fold doors, bypass doors, pivot doors or round doors to finish your shower. We can create unique doors that will compliment your shower and add a creative architecture element to your space. Call us to discuss your next shower project today!



Clear, Frosted, Tinted, Hammered & Rain Glass Showers

There are a variety of different kinds of glass available to you.
Clear Glass– This is obviously the most commonly used glass for shower doors and is transparent.
Frosted Glass– For homeowners looking for privacy in the shower, frosted glass offers that while it is available in several different colors.
Tinted Glass– Tinted glass comes in many different colors ranging from bronze to grey. You can choose tinted glass that is light or quite dark and opaque for more privacy.
Hammered Glass– This unique glass looks like a hammer has made indentations all over it. It will be smooth on one side and textured on the other.
Rain Glass– Another great choice for privacy, rain glass is textured on one side and smooth on the other. This type of glass is great at hiding fingerprints and other marks.

Different Types of Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

Frameless Shower Doors & Enclosures– These doors are more modern and look as if they are floating with no frame around the outer edges. They offer clean lines and are perfect for any contemporary bathroom.
Bi-Fold Shower Door– Great choice for a small bathroom that doesn’t have the space for a shower door that opens outward. This shower door has panels that fold up inside the shower rather than swing out.
Bypass Doors– These doors consist of panels, two or three, that slide on tracks beside each other. They are another great option when you have limited space. Also, a great choice for corner showers.
Curved Shower Doors– When homeowners feel their shower is small, they might want to consider curved shower doors. Even though they don’t make the actual shower any larger, they offer a larger feel with the sleek curve.

Bathroom Custom Shower Doors & Enclosures in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

At Dan’s Enterprises, we take pride in customer satisfaction. We would be honored to help you create the custom shower doors and enclosures you need to finish your bathroom. Call us today!

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