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Retail Showcase & Countertop Glass Display Cases

When you are looking to draw focus to an item, the best way to do so is with glass showcases. Countertops and showcases made from glass are classy and beautiful. The perfect way to highlight any special items in a residential or commercial setting. The glass experts at Dan’s Enterprises offers countertop showcases that are breathtaking. With our experience and expertise, we will work to create the perfect showcase, perfect for the items you are trying to draw attention to.

Standard & Custom Made Jewelry & Other Showcase & Countertop Glass

Whether you are looking for a showcase that comes standard, or find yourself wanting some custom finishes on your glass, we offer glass that comes in a variety of colors as well as cuts to fit your needs perfectly. We have slightly tinted glass options as well as sandblasting, etching and beveling to fit your unique style and goals. Our customers include jewelry, gift shops and other retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, museums, hospitals, corporate, government and educational institutions to name a few.

Retail Glass Showcase Countertop Repairs & Replacement

If you are looking for a glass showcase replacement or to repair an existing glass enclosure, our team of experts are up for the challenge. We can repair and restore any existing damage as quickly as possible so your home or business is interrupted as little as possible. We deliver the finest workmanship that will leave you happy you chose us.

Retail Showcase & Countertop Glass Display Cases & More in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

Dan’s Enterprises can install, replace or repair your showcase countertop to meet your standards. You will see how beautiful these enclosures are to help customers focus on the beauty of what these glass showcases hold. Contact Dan’s Enterprises today for a consultation! We can handle all your glass and mirror needs.

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