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Firewood For Sale

Dry Mixed Hardwood

Full Face Cord – $140
1/2 Cord 4′ x 4′ – $85
1/4 Cord 2′ x 4′ – $50
1/8 Cord 1′ x 4′ – $40

Fruit Wood Prices – Call for Quote.

Local Delivery- wood is dropped off NOT STACKED. All others stacked and delivered on Custom Quotes.
Per Face Code or Smaller $75
(Wayne, Westland, Romulus, Inkster, Garden City)
All larger orders and other cities require a quote. Please call Dan @ (734) 777-3232.

We keep all of our firewood covered and dried.

Visit our lot at 33029 Michigan Ave, Wayne MI 48184 today!

Fruit, Smoking & Cooking Woods

Dan’s Enterprises offers popular fruit smoking wood for sale that is often referred to as cooking wood for your grill, BBQ, smoker and also wood for use in pizza ovens. Fruit woods provide a sweet smoke and wonderful flavor.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoning of wood takes place when the moisture content in the wood reaches equilibrium with the moisture in the air surrounding it. When wood is stacked outdoors with good air circulation in a dry, sunny and open spot for roughly six months, it will be dry enough to support efficient combustion. Seasoned wood has a much higher heating value than green wood. Different factors affect the time it takes wood to season, such as the time of year and the size of the firewood pieces. You can speed the process by properly stacking and storing your pile of firewood. The best way is to store it outside, under cover and close to the house for easy access. Firewood should be stacked on a supportive base, such as cement blocks, wooden planks or pallets. This will prevent the wood from drawing moisture from the ground. It will also allow air to circulate around it, reduce the chance of insect infestation and cut down on the amount of dirt the firewood accumulates. To keep the woodpile from collapsing, end braces or stakes can be used.

The Best Firewoods For Burning

The easiest and best fire in either a wood stove or fireplace, is built by using a mixture of both softwoods (from trees such as pines and firs) and hardwoods (from trees such as oak, eucalyptus and cedar). Softwoods start burning easily while hardwoods provide for long burning and also have good “coaling” qualities. It is a great idea to keep a bed of ashes underneath the grate. This produces steady heat and aids in igniting new fuel as it is added to the fire. Even if just small amounts of wood are added at regular intervals, the fire will continue burning. In fact, burning small loads of wood with sufficient air achieves more efficient combustion than from burning large loads with minimal air!

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