Auto Windshield Technology in Garden City, MI; Gorilla Glass, Heads Up Display & More

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Is It Safe to Drive with a Cracked Windshield & How Big of a Crack in the Glass Can Be Repaired?

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Advantages of Commercial Security Glass Doors & Window Storefronts in Taylor, MI

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How is Glass Made from Sand in Canton, MI? Fused Quartz & Other Types of Silicate Glass

What is glass? Traditional silicate glass is based on silica, basically quartz, as is sand. Formulas very but use the same basic materials. Silicate glass is used in windows as… more »

Best Glass Landlord Upgrades for Your Rental Property in Garden City, MI to Increase Value

To increase the appeal of your rental property, there are plenty of tactics you can apply to make the home look more sophisticated yet homey. Investing in glass upgrades is… more »

Makes Makes Headlights Cloudy & Foggy in Taylor, MI? How to Prevent & Clean Oxidation

Driving at night with headlights that seem dim is a common issue, because the headlights have turned cloudy. Exposure to the sun, rain, and road conditions over time has caused… more »

Beauty & Hair Styling Salon Station Mirrors for Hairdressers & Make Up Artists in Garden City, MI; Rectangular, Round, Hollywood Vanity & More

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Signs You Should Repair or Replace Your Windows in Taylor, MI? Cracked, Shattered or Broken Window Glass & More

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Installation of Gigantic Dance, Gym & Fitness Mirrors for Workout Training Studios & Centers in Garden City, MI

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Types of Window Glass for Homes & Commercial Buildings in Wayne County, MI; Floated, Annealed, Heated Glass & More

There are many types of glass used for windows. It comes down to the look and purpose as to which most commercial or homeowners choose to use. However for those… more »

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