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Advantages & Uses of Mirrors in Farmington Hills, MI Everyday Life; Aesthetics, Light & More

Most people consider a mirror nothing more than a piece of reflective glass. Most utilize mirrors on a daily basis and even throughout the day; oral hygiene, personal grooming, and other such reasons are often why people have mirrors in the first place. Not only are mirrors used for practical applications, but they can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the architectural. There are quite a few ways you can utilize mirrors to amplify the home’s décor. Mirrors serve many purposes; one of the best benefits is to make smaller rooms appear larger. Making a major impact on your home design scheme, mirrors go well beyond giving you conformation that you are put together. With that in mind, we at Dan’s Enterprises would like to discuss a few examples as to how mirrors can be useful to your home’s aesthetics.

Advantages of Mirrors; Create More Light, Make a Room Look Bigger & More

Mirrors Make Space Appear Bigger: A classy designed mirrored wall takes your room size and doubles it; visually speaking. Condo circa 1984 isn’t the goal we are talking about in this design. A full mirrored wall in an outdated version is better left avoided, where it does appear to expand the space, it is also an eyesore. You can incorporate elegance and contemporary designs with the right balance of mirrors within the space. Hang an array of smaller mirrors with some spaces in between them as opposed to one continuous mirror, or several full panels of mirrors that join precisely together. Add your own flare by using different shapes and mix and match custom mirrors. By keeping the frames simple, it widens the space and leaves it feeling clean and uncluttered.
Decorative Mirrors Enhance Garden & Outdoor Ambience: Having all of one window, the exceptionally tiny room doesn’t really embody a stunning display. When doing any kind renovation is out of the question to tear the walls and create more space, you need effective alternatives. Just across the window, place a mirror. Without any kind of expensive demolition, you now have a double view of a scenic reflection as well as an increase in natural light coming in. In addition to looking amazing, you can conserve energy and cost by not needing to flip the lights on but still have light.
Optimize Mirror Position: A long, thin mirror hanging horizontally may make a major difference in the way you see your space. A full-length mirror on the back of your closet door, for example, traditionally hung vertically can have a different effect on the room by being hung horizontally, adding the illusion of more space. Another way to optimize the positioning is to stagger a few horizontal mirrors on different levels to offer larger optics of the area.

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No matter if any of these options seem optimal for your needs, or if you have something else in mind, call in the specialists of Dan’s Enterprises to provide you with your customized mirrors. Our experts can help you get the right size, and design to optimize the space in your home. Call us today at (734) 595-3232 to get started!

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