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Types of Glass for Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors in Garden City, MI; Clear, Frosted, Fluted & More

If you are looking to modernize and update the look of your kitchen cabinets you might consider a glass front. The standard type of cabinet door is the wood that matches the rest of the cabinet. Although this is a great option for many homes, lots of people are looking to make more of a statement. If you are considering a glass panel front you should know what your getting yourself into. There are several options that exist when choosing to have glass on your cabinets. Knowing what options there are and why they might be best for your kitchen can help make the decision simple. You can also talk to a professional about the benefits of glass and how the installation process will go.

Dan’s Enterprises Lists the Benefits of Different Front Panel Cabinet Glass Styles

Clear Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors: The first option that exists for kitchen cabinets is clear glass. This is a great option for many reasons. If you have a white or neutral colored kitchen then clear could be perfect for you. The light colored room can have color and vibrancy added to the room from your dishware. You want to be sure that you are ready to be organized since all your dishes will be seen through the cabinets. If you have great looking dishes or heirlooms to show off then clear glass is the best. You can also choose to have only the top cabinets installed with glass so you have some privacy.
Kitchen Cabinets with Frosted Glass Inserts: If you have been scared off of clear glass because it shows your cabinet contents, then frosted glass may be a good option. A frosted glass is great because you still get the lightness from having glass in your home but you are able to hide some of the details. Frosted glass is just clear glass that has been sandblasted. This is a process that adds a layer of matte finish to the glass. You can still see the silhouette of what is in the cabinets but not every detail. If you are concerned about the look of some of your dishes this is a great way to go.
Fluted or Reeded Glass Front Cabinets: There is an option in between a clear and frosted glass. If you want a clearer look but the option to hide what is in the cabinet then a fluted or reeded glass is great. The clear glass is prepped and before it has been dried a roller or tool is used to add texture to the glass. This will obscure the glass so that anything that is behind the glass will be out of focus. The fine detail will not be seen even though the glass is clear. This is a great type of glass to use if you want to modernize a room but it also is perfect in a traditional kitchen as well.

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