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When to Rock Salt Your Driveway or Sidewalk in Taylor, MI; Before Snowfall or After Shoveling Snow

The cold chill of winter is almost upon us and with the colder weather comes the threat of ice and snow; and if you live in Michigan you can expect lots of both this winter. Being proactive will keep you ahead of the game and using rock salt to melt ice off your driveways and sidewalks will help assist you in keeping your family and friends safe and sound during the cold harsh winter months.

How to Salt Driveways & Sidewalks to Melt Snow

Tools needed include your rock salt and a shovel. Salt for melting ice off of your driveways, sidewalks and other surfaces is available in a variety of chemical compositions and one of the most effective is sodium chloride which is more commonly referred to as rock salt. Halite or traditional rock is available in large pellets which dissolve and melt ice effectively.
1. Begin by shoveling the snow from the area you intend to salt: It is extremely important to remove as much snow and ice from the area as you can before applying the rock salt. Removing snow is hard work but it is well worth the effort in the long run and will help insure that the salt works to its best advantage.
2. Apply rock salt: Apply the rock salt to any icy areas on your driveway and walkways. You will notice that the ice will begin to melt almost immediate especially any thin layers of ice. Thicker patches will take longer to melt so you should give the salt a chance to be absorbed before removing as much of the ice as you can with a shovel.
3. Reapplication of rock salt: The rock salt can be reapplied as often as needed after you have finished shoveling away the excess. Prepare for future ice and snow by keeping a healthy supply of rock salt on hand to tackle dangerous ice patches during the remainder of the winter season.

Tips to Help You Prepare for the Cold Winter Weather

Purchase rock salt in bulk before the cold weather arrives. Rock salt can be stored for long periods without losing its effectiveness. Purchasing and storing your rock salt means less trips back and forth when you need it, not to mention the hassle or tracking down a highly sort after commodity.. A great time to purchase rock salt is in the months before the predicted snow arrives and suppliers begin to run low. Rock salt can be easily stored in a garden or utility shed until the snowy weather is upon us. Never store your rock salt close to anything that is made from metal, doing so will result in corrosion should the items ever be exposed to even the smallest amount of moisture.

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