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Gary K
April 11, 2014

A great job from start to finish. Your installers are quick but careful. This is such a wonderful glass company! The guy Dan has owned the busy for 35 some years. Really great at holding conversations, and really knows his stuff about glass and mirrors, I could ask him anything and he would know it! I would definitely use this guy again!

Laura G
April 11, 2014

Dan's Enterprises are just great. Our whole extended family uses them for all of their glass and mirror needs. I have called them for an emergency door repair, the installation of all of my storm screens and their window replacement service. My Dad calls them for all the bullet resistant glass in his limos and buses. This is the only company in the area that has the capability to replace bus glass. They always provide prompt service, clean up after themselves and are very knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs.

Nov 2013

Wendy W
April 11, 2014

First of all, I just want to say how happy my family has been with the quality and service Dan's Enterprises LLC provides! We call them with all of our glass and mirrors needs like general glass repair, installation, replacement etc in both residential and commercial applications. They installed bullet proof glass in the drive thru window of our small fast food place (I know it's sad that it has come to that). The security glass makes us and our employees (which are mainly our family) feel a lot safer. Dans was also there with their window replacement service when someone threw a brick through our storefront window. They did a great job on the clean up too! Dan does all of our auto glass and bus glass - for our personal and business vehicles. And they sold and installed all of our storm screens. We just couldn't be more pleased with the effort and result whether this company is replacing a small picture glass or a whole storefront window!

Carrie D
April 11, 2014

Dan's Enterprises were first recommended to us by a friend when we were looking for a commercial glass company to install all of the storefront security glass and some counter bullet proof glass at our check cashing store. They did such a great job we have retained their services since then for all of our residential glass needs too. Over the years this company has done everything from bigger jobs like window replacement service and installing our storm screens to smaller jobs like installing pyrex heat treated glass in our fireplace & wood stove and random things like replacing broken picture glass. We also use them for their snow removal & salting service and also their firewood sales.