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3 Way Mirror in a Bathroom or Other Small Space in Novi, MI to Lighten & Brighten a Room

When you are living in a home that has some small spaces such as bathroom or even bedrooms most people are always looking for way to open the space. There is always a full home room remodel where you open the walls up and add more windows to increase the natural light. However, if this is too much work for you and you want an easier fix you can stick to mirrors. The rooms that you are concerned about have a space issue and increasing the feel of the room could be enough to make it one of your favorite places. Mirrors seems like a fix that is too easy but when you use them in the right way it can lighten, brighten and add space to any room.

Dan’s Enterprises Explains How a Three Way Mirror Can Lighten & Brighten Your Small Space

What Is A Three Way Mirror?: Have you ever gone in to have a suit tailored? Have you been in a dressing room? Then you have seen a three way mirror. This is just a way to say how the mirrors are set up in the space. It allows you a view of yourself and the room in a three dimensional way! You can see everything from all different angles at the same time. The middle mirror is set flat to a wall in the room. Then there are two mirrors on either side that are angled at about a 45 degree angle. You can also use this kind of mirror set up in your home either in your bathroom, bedroom or dressing rooms. It can help to get ready in the morning as well as increase the look of the rooms size.
Amplify Light Using Mirrors: Are you not able to add windows to your home? Do you want to add more lighting to the room? If you don’t want to add light but you want to increase the light in the room, a three way mirror will achieve that. The mirrors are great for reflecting light back into the room. The light that is coming from the windows and the lights that are in the room already. This will lighten up the room tremendously.
Mirrors Make a Room Look Bigger: Adding light will also increase the brightness in the house but adding mirrors will also increase how large the room looks. When you are sitting in a room and you have a large three way mirror it adds the illusion that you have a larger space than you actually do. The space will basically double in size and that you can visually see. It is quite easy to trick your eye into thinking that something is real that you are seeing.

Custom Mirror Design, Installation & More in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

If you want to add three way mirror to you home you should think about having a custom mirror built. Dan’s Enterprises can design and cut your custom mirrors as well as ensure they are installed in your home and fit the space properly. Contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232.

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