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Benefits of Replacing Old Windows & Installing New Energy Efficient in Garden City, MI

For those who are looking for those few projects around your home to help improve its value, or to even help save more money, consider replacing your windows. Window replacement has many benefits including adding value and saving you money. How you wonder? Dan’s Enterprises will share how replacing window adds value to your home and saves money along with many other benefits for those who are considering replacing their windows.

Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

Increase in Home Value – Over two million homes that have had their windows replaced were reported to have increased in value by $29,000 over the homes that didn’t replace their windows. Especially for older homes, replacing your windows with more efficient ones such as tinted or insulated windows, greatly improve the home efficiency.
Decreased Energy Costs – By installing energy star rated windows, you can save up to $340 of annual energy usage for a 2000 square foot, single story home. However it’s not just replacing an older window with a more advanced or energy rated window that you can benefit financially from. Over time, windows can wear down from the elements and most windows over 10 years old will develop leaks where your conditioned air can escape. When you get your windows replaced, you stop these leaks.
Cleaner Home – Another benefit is making your home look cleaner on the outside as well as the inside. New windows that not covered in hard water stains, that seem impossible to remove, make your home look dirty and block your view. As windows are exposed to constant moisture, they will develop hard water stains which can occur on the inside and outside very easily. To help regain your view and help make your home look fresh and clean, replacing the windows can greatly help.

How to Tell if You Need New Windows

One sign that your windows are leaking is the draft you feel near the window. Condensation may also accumulate or you may hear a whistling noise, especially during wind storms. Older windows may also become very stiff where it is very difficult or impossible to open and close them. Both can pose a problem. To lose access to opening your windows is a major inconvenience, especially on those beautiful days. For windows that won’t close all the way you’re now losing efficiency and will cause higher utility bills. If you have a problem opening or closing your windows, you may want to consider replacing them.

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Above are but a few of the many benefits on how replacing your windows can save money, improve the value of your home, and add to your general enjoyment. For those who are considering upgrading or replacing their old windows, you may find there are a lot more benefits. When it comes to replacing your windows you will be faced with many glass and window types and styles. If you need help choosing the right window replacement as well as an installer, Dan’s Enterprises can help. We provide quality glass, and glass replacement services. We can also recommend the best glass for efficiency and quality to help save you money and improve the value of your home. Contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232!

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