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Advantages of Commercial Security Glass Doors & Window Storefronts in Taylor, MI

Many commercial business establishments utilize glass windows and doors as their storefront. Enticing the passerby foot traffic with what you have to offer often gets people in the door. Glass doors offer comfort and additional benefits that solid enclosures do not. But when disaster strikes and the glass door for example, is victimized by an attempted burglary, extreme weather conditions, or other circumstances that causes the glass to become chipped, it leaves the durability weakened and compromises the integrity of the glass.

Commercial Door & Window Replacement

We at Dan’s Enterprises would like to suggest keeping the glass door and replacing the cracked glass as opposed for opting for something more solid. Though there are other fashionable doors available for commercial installation, having a glass door reinstalled have a multitude of benefits and with security grade glass, your business can still be well protected while not having to sacrifice the advantages of the glass door.

Benefits of Security Glass & Storm Doors

Such benefits of security glass doors include the following examples:
1) Security. Security glass is designed to be tougher and harder to break through then traditional glass. Not only will security glass offer more protection but being tougher to break in the unfortunate event of an accident, serious injuries can be averted. According to statistics, criminals avoid spending too much on task and if the security glass proves to be a challenge, they will look elsewhere for an easier score. Keeping your business’s cash, data, products, equipments, and supplies secure as well as employees is one of the primary priorities.
2) Natural Light. Natural light better illuminates the interior of your space. Whether you are an office space, retail, or provide trade services; staff members, customers, colleagues, and other guests are more likely to be in better moods than being in darkened establishments. Production is higher and exposure is improved. With the additional natural light, utility costs also are reduced.
3) Flexibility. Security glass doors are flexible in placement; not only can they be used to enhance your storefront but they can be used in the interior such as office or conference room doors. In addition to placement, glass doors offer a variety of styles and custom designs. With various frame sizes, styles, and colors along with choosing the right hardware, your glass door can appropriately blend into the commercial architectural design as well as increase the unique design.
4) Cost Effective. This is a cost effective method that not only adds other beneficial gain, but it also upgrades the look of the building to a modernized and sophisticated appearance.
5) Increase Property Value. Modernizing the storefront with glass increases the property value and makes the property more attractive to prospective buyers should you ever chose to sell the commercial building.

Residential & Commercial Glass & Mirror Services in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

If your cracked storefront glass door or even windows are in need of replacing or repairs, Dan’s Enterprises is readily available to offer our expertise and services at affordable rates. Call Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232 and let our specialists take care of the cracked glass store front in the most optimal manner for your needs and your budget.

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