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How is Glass Made from Sand in Canton, MI? Fused Quartz & Other Types of Silicate Glass

What is glass? Traditional silicate glass is based on silica, basically quartz, as is sand. Formulas very but use the same basic materials. Silicate glass is used in windows as well as glass jars and bottles and is what we think of when associated with the term glass. The technical term refers to any non-crystalline amorphous solid and includes metallic ceramic glazes and polymeric thermoplastics like polycarbonate popular in eyeglasses to greenhouses. Spun into fiber mats it used as insulation or it can be turned into fiber optic cable for the transmission of data incorporating lasers.

Types of Silicate Glass

Fused quartz is used for the manufacture of light bulbs and fluorescent lighting. Soda-lime-silica form our windows, and are weather resistant. Add some alumina and calcium and you have container glass for jars and bottles.
Sodium borosilicate glass is pyrex and is found in auto headlamps, lab glassware, household glassware and optical components.
Aluminosilicate glass is used exclusive for fiberglass, used in boat and auto-body components. Shock and weather resistant and resists water erosion.
Germanium-oxide is the glass used as wave guides in the transmission of data via laser pulses losing a mere 5% of brightness over a kilometer, we call it fiber gable.

History of Glass Timeline

Glass manufacture has a long history. Of the earliest recorded sources glass was first manufactured in Sussex, England in 1226. Our first glass mirrors came on the scene in the 1500’s. Tempered glass made its appearance in 1874. Eyeglasses have been with us since medieval times and a study of the UV reflecting properties of antique stained glass is leading to improvements in astronomical observation. So glass has been with us for a while now. Shower stalls, auto windows, fridge trays, diving masks all use a toughened glass that resists breaking. The windshield contributes to the strength of the structure. Windshields are generally laminated and consist of two sheets of glass laminated together a sheet of transparent polyvinyl butyral (PVB), and are fused under high heat and pressure. Under impact the windshield will not shatter, held together by the plastic material between the layers. Laminated glass is used in store windows in areas prone to hurricanes. Laminated glass can be repaired if minor damages is sustained. It produces the “spider webbing” associate with broken safety glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is subject of a series of rapid heating and cooling. When impacted the glass breaks in thousands of tiny pebble like pieces with rounded edges instead of shattering, lessening the chance of cuts and abrasion. Polarized lens use tempered glass as does cooking and baking dishes and some cell phone screens. Tempered glass is stronger and tougher per thickness and is used where strength and light weight is needed. Tempered glass is usually found in side windows in cars, places where impact by the passengers is minimized.

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Glass ceramics combine the amorphous phase of glass and partially crystallize on cooling. These are applied to cook tops, have high strength and are resistant to thermal shock. Glass is a product used across many applications, some which we depend on for communications, environmental comforts in our homes and workplaces and to handle chemicals and cooking. Contact Dan’s Enterprises
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