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Best Glass Landlord Upgrades for Your Rental Property in Garden City, MI to Increase Value

To increase the appeal of your rental property, there are plenty of tactics you can apply to make the home look more sophisticated yet homey. Investing in glass upgrades is among them and not only will these upgrades improve the appeal, the aesthetics is enhanced and some applications also increase the home’s value too. We at Dan’s Enterprises have compiled a few examples of glass upgrades that can increase the appeal of your rental home.

Best Glass Landlord Upgrades & Renovations for Your Rental Property to Increase Value

1) Large bathroom mirror makeover. Investing in a large, even custom designed mirror for the bathroom is an optimal choice, especially if you are intending to replace any broken mirrors or planning any major or even minor renovations. Particularly so in bathrooms that do not have any windows, old fixtures, low lighting options, minimal square footage, or outdated countertops; the oversized mirror creates impressive reflection effects that illuminate the space, making it look brighter, bigger, and more spacious. This simple gesture can appeal to prospective tenants.
2) Shower glass doors upgrades. Upgrading your rental property to not only appeal to tenants, but increase the value is replacing the basic shower rod/curtain with glass shower enclosures. The glass shower enclosures can be designed in very a variety of simplistic to complex styles. Frosted glass, frameless doors and other such options are available to make your glass shower enclosure look sleek, modern, and more luxurious. These qualities attract potential renters, reduce water damage, and increase home value.
3) Laminated or tempered sliding glass doors. Many homes feature the sliding glass door, particularly in apartments and condos with attached patios or porches. But those glass doors are generally basic glass that is vulnerable to home break-ins. Not only can they be weak link for criminal activity, but they can be cracked or damaged with accidental impact incidents, extreme weather conditions, or simply using too much force when opening or closing. Upgrading the glass on the sliding doors to either tempered or laminated glass is sturdier and offer more safety and protection.
4) Safety glass windows & more. Safety glass upgrades not only benefits your tenants, but you as well. Knowing the safety glass is less likely to shatter, or break under the various circumstances can give you and the occupant’s peace of mind. Including this added feature in your listings can give you the edge among the renters looking for security as well as ensuring the safety.
5) Energy efficient window upgrade. Upgrading outdated windows can easily eliminate concerns that would present themselves to prospective tenants. Upgraded windows can offer enhanced soundproof qualities, increased energy efficiency, and be an exceptional aesthetic addition that positively impacts the visual aspects. These benefits are ideal to renters, helping you retain tenants and keep you rental unit current in modern accommodations.

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