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Best Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Belleville, MI to Fight Heat Loss & Gain

Considering replacing your windows before the lowest temperatures are consistently here for winter might be an optimal solution if your home is equipped with old, single-pane windows that are experiencing a substantial amount of heat loss. You might be a little confused however, if you heard that the summer months will promote your single-pane windows to increase the heat retention. Let us at Dan’s Enterprises explore both of these occurrences to help you have all the facts when deciding on replacing the windows.

Heat Loss & Gain Through Windows

Winter Heat Loss through Windows: Warmth comes from the air registers or radiators when you are heating your home. Single-pane windows are insufficient at containing the heat you already paid for and a great portion is lost through the closed windows, even when they are properly sealed. A single-pane window is 1/4 inch sheet of glass, which only has an R-value of about R1. Due to the low heat resistance value, the heated air is cooled off as it passes by the frigid glass surface separating your home from the outdoors. The heat that transfers through the glass window defeats the purpose of having a well-insulated wall that are of adequate levels of R13 to R19.
Summer Heat Gain through Windows: The reverse effect taking place in the summer of the heat transfer that occurs through a single-pane window in the winter occurs. Your home readily heats back up as hot outdoor air passes by your single-pane window despite that when the air conditioner runs, it cools each room by transferring heat outside. Making your AC work harder, the air inside picks up this energy and heats your home. Another summertime concern is a solar heat gain. Causing uneven temperatures from room to room based on sun exposure, the direct sunlight hits an inefficient window causing the heat to radiate inside, warming the space excessively, rising the cooling bills.

How Much Do Energy Efficient Windows Save

An investment that pays for itself as well as seeing a return over time, is choosing to install new, energy efficient windows. Upgrading to the double-pane windows from the single-pane windows with additional energy-saving features, many homeowners see a decrease up to 40% for heating costs as well as reducing the cooling costs up to 30%.

Best Energy Efficient Windows

Below are the attributes that make energy efficient windows superior to single-pane windows.
Low-E Coatings: To reflect the UV light to keep solar heat gain at bay during the summer, this glass treatment is comprised of a microscopically thin metallic layer. A low-E coating on your south and west facing windows is especially beneficial.
IGUs: Insulated glass units are comparable to windows with two or three panes of glass. The air pocket between the panes is a reliable characteristic that improves insulation. This alone slows heat transfer to more than double the R-value of a single-pane window to about R2.
Gas Infill: If the space between the two panes of glass is filled with argon or krypton, the heat transfer through a window slows down even more so. Heat passes more slowly through them because these invisible, inert gases are denser than air. This upgrade increases the R-value of a window to about R3.

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