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Decorative Kitchen Cabinet Door Glass Inserts in Plymouth, MI; Seeded, Frosted & More

Kitchen cabinets with a glass front bring an elegant look to any kitchen. Kitchen cabinet glass can come in different colors, texture, and types of glass to fit your kitchen’s overall design. Another benefit of having glass cabinet fronts is the ability to change out the glass or replace the glass when the need occurs or desire arises. Whether you are installing new glass cabinets or want to change out the glass for a new look, Dan’s Enterprises will share some of the most popular types of glass used for kitchen cabinets.

Types of Decorative Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Transparent Glass – If you want a glass to fit any design or color scheme in your kitchen, transparent glass never fails to delight. Transparent glass gives kitchens a clean look, and the glass is widely available and easily replaced. Especially those who keep the dishes neat, and want to show off your nice china, transparent glass is a fine choice.
Frosted Glass – Most modern style kitchens favor using a frosted glass in the kitchen cabinets. Frosted glass is a sheet of glass that was blasted with a sand or grit material to create the frosted look. For those who like the look of glass, but don’t like showcasing your dishware frosted glass is the better choice. However, frosted glass is still transparent, yet the frost texture removes the details if you want to keep your items under wraps. Another down side to frosted glass is it can be difficult to match if the need to replace one of the panes of glass.
Textured Glass – If you want to add more eye appeal to your kitchen, many will use textured glass. Textured glass is a glass that has been either molded or embossed with a unique pattern or design. This adds a visual affect to the glass. Textured glass often has ribbed peddled, beveled, or grooved patterns on the glass. Again, if the glass needs replacing, it may be more difficult with this type of glass. Nonetheless, textured glass brings class to any kitchen.
Seeded Glass – Seeded glass–or sometime referred to as vintage chic glass–dates back to colonial times. Seeded glass has tiny pockets of bubbles which resemble seeds, hence the name. For homeowners who want an old fashioned design to their kitchen adding seeded glass is the way to go. Seeded glass is handcrafted and the size of the bubbles can be determined by the makers. The more and bigger the bubbles are, the more it obstructs the view of what is inside. Depending on how much transparency you want the bigger or small the bubbles you will want to have.
Leaded Glass – If you want an old world feel that can create a sense of elegance, leaded glass has that amazing look. It fits well with many different kitchen designs. Leaded glass usually is a combination of steel or iron framing surrounded by a slightly tinted glass. Leaded glass is commonly used for enclosed book cases but often appear in kitchens as well. This glass creates a sense of awe when used correctly.

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If you’re replacing your kitchen cabinets with glass cabinet fronts or just changing out the glass, consider using one of these types of glass. Dan’s Enterprises can help cut custom glass for your home kitchen cabinets and so much more. For all of you glass needs contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232.

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