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Corner Glass Shower Stalls, Frameless Enclosures & Sliding or Pivot Doors in Taylor, MI

Your bathroom can be totally transformed with a beautiful shower and if there’s just a little bit of extra attention given, the shower can be the focal point of the space. There are trends to consider when you decide to renovate your bathroom. These include body jets, dual showerheads and built-in seats. Many homeowners are deciding to pull the bathtub out completely. But some of these trends and features won’t work well in all spaces. Statistics show that making sure you have at least one bathtub in your home is needed for resale. So, if you don’t want to jump on the trend of pulling the tub out, you can always think about adding glass to a shower-tub combo. You don’t need to keep that old shower curtain hanging there that just gets dingy and grimy with time. Plus, vinyl shower curtains are proven to be toxic. The PVC plastic that is used to make those curtains can be harmful to you when you breathe the air in the bathroom and harmful to the environment when you throw them away.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass shower enclosures and doors are very popular today are generally made up from glass to add light and openness. These enclosures can be square, rectangular, semi-oval, half-circle and hexagonal. Made-to-order designs are gaining popularity so instead of seeing the oddities in your bathroom layout as a disadvantage, embrace them! Having little nooks and crannies make it unique so think about building your shower into them. The size of your bathroom should not limit the creativity of your design when you decide to put in a shower door. To save space in smaller bathrooms, consider opting for sliding doors, round doors or bi-fold doors. In larger bathrooms, you can go with hinged doors or pivot doors. The far edge of pivot doors swings back into the shower and needs less room than the hinged door does. Contact a glass company that offers custom glass solutions so your shower can be built where you want and how you want it.

Framed VS Frameless Shower Doors

The most traditional shower types are ones that are framed. These use inexpensive glass ranging from 1/8” to 3/16” thick and to maintain structural integrity the metal frames are required. These showers provide a tight seal which makes them very effective in keeping water in the shower and not all over your floor but water and soap scum love to gather in those metal crevices that can lead to mildew and corrosion. Framed showers cost less than frameless showers and you have the option of updating the look by opting for chrome instead of brass. The modern alternative to traditional framed showers are frameless showers that use tempered glass ranging from 3/8” to ½” thick. These doors are sturdy and structurally sound. They become more expensive because the glass required needs to be thicker. These enclosures create an illusion of more space because the glass isn’t “split up” with the dividing pieces of brass or chrome. Frameless glass enclosures are also easier to clean but the best thing about them is the freedom of design.

Shower Doors & Enclosure in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

When you’re ready to update your bathroom choose Dan’s Enterprises to plan the job and look at all the alternatives. They can assist you in saving both time and money to create a centerpiece that will transform your bathroom into a spacious place of respite. Give us a call today at (734) 595-3232!

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