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How Big of a Crack Can Be Repaired on a Windshield in Farmington Hills, MI?

For many it is always that propelled rock on the freeway that seems to chip or crack your vehicle’s windshield. When a chip or crack occurs, you don’t want to leave the damage unattended for too long a period of time. There are many factors as to why you should have your windshield either repaired or replaced. Dan’s Enterprises will share why you need to repair your windshield quickly as well as the different types of stress that can cause that little windshield chip to spread into a major crack.

Why Auto Glass Repairs Need to be Done

There are many reasons as to why you should repair a chipped windshield. The most obvious reason is that a chip can turn into a crack at any given time. Any kind of increased pressure on your windshield can cause a chip to escalate into a major crack, especially during driving. Another factor is that a windshield glass provides 30% of the vehicle’s structural strength. When the glass is weakened during a collision, the structural tolerance is also weakened and leaves you and other passengers less protected and at risk for greater injury. Another benefit to having your windshield repaired as soon as possible is that it will help save you money. It costs more to replace a windshield than it does to repair it. If you wait too long, you are taking the chance that a major crack will occur and cause visibility problems. If this should happen, you will most likely need to replace the entire windshield. Most people would rather just repair and prevent the crack.

Types of Windshield Stress

There are three major types of stress that can cause a simple chip to turn into a huge crack. The first is cold stress. According to the Motor Industry Research Association, a chipped windshield has an 80% more chance to turn into a crack and continue to spread in colder weather where temperatures drop to around 14 degrees. Another test shows that in a temperature of 32 degrees, a windshield has a 60% chance of spreading or causing a major crack to occur. The other major stress that can cause cracks is warm weather. In the heat if the summer months, Motor Industry Research Association tests shows that the glass can become distorted or misshapen. The stress of the warping can cause the windshield to crack along the area of the chipped glass. These cracks attend to travel upwards. The final stress is caused just by driving your vehicle. This can be stressful enough to cause a chip to turn into a crack especially over bumpy terrain. Driving at higher speeds on bumpy or rough road with a chipped windshield will, more often than not will, result in a cracked windshield. If you continue to drive after your windshield has a crack, the crack often will continue to spread and become an even greater problem.

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In general, most chips and cracks can be repaired. It comes down to four factors: the locations, size, depth and type of the damage. Results will vary based on age, location and severity of the damage. Dan’s Enterprises is able to help repair or replace your windshield on your vehicle. Chips can be filled and held together with a special resin. However cracks can’t be repaired. Once a crack appears, you will need to replace your vehicle’s windshield. For all of your glass needs Dan’s Enterprise can help. We handle all things glass. Contact us today on (734) 595-3232.

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