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What is Smart Glass Window & Door Technology in Garden City, MI & How Does it Work?

Most people find large windows luxurious. They provide a great view and natural sunlight. However, they also let in heat from the sun’s UV rays. During the summer months, this proves to be a huge nuisance, especially on our energy bills. Most will consider tinting their windows, or covering them in aluminum foil (which looks awful), or by using expensive black out curtains. Yet, in so doing, you lose that spectacular view and the natural light. Dan’s Enterprises would like to share how we are stepping into the future with modern technology. Now, we are beginning to see the many uses of “Smart Glass”.

What is Smart Glass Technology

What is smart glass exactly? Is it a new way of window tinting? Nope, far from it. Unlike widow tinting, where a tinted film is placed over the window, smart glass is more like a chameleon. The glass adjusts to the different wavelengths of light that penetrates the glass. As the sunlight hits the glass, it will change colors, adding somewhat of a polarized tint to the glass, which blocks the sunlight.

How is Smart Glass Made & How Does it Work?

The technology of the glass is credited to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California alongside the Autonomous University in Barcelona. Smart glass is constructed with niobates, which is an elemental compound of niobium and oxygen. When the two are mixed together they create nanometer-sized indium tin oxide crystal. This glass is the same type of glass used for touch screens on tablets and other devices. However, smart glass is not technically glass. Regular window glass is primarily made of silicone dioxide and mixed together with other chemicals such as alumina, lime, magnesia, and sodium oxide, which give the glass strength. Additionally, the molecules are jumbled around without a specific pattern unlike regular glass. Smart glass is only considered a glass because of its glass like structure. Smart glass is made by dissolving the niobate in water. Afterwards indium tin oxide nanocrystal is added. The molecules link up together forming tiny clusters. With the liquid solution, the developer then heats it. The heat transforms the liquid into a solid piece of glass. However it doesn’t stop there. The next step is adding a layer of liquid electrolyte on top of the glass followed by a second electrode. With this electrode on the surface of the glass, the developers then send a 4-volt electrical current into it which make the glass transparent. The electrical charge alters the nanocrystal where they can block wavelengths of light from the sun.

Smart Glass Windows & Doors

Smart glass isn’t actually a whole piece of glass or window. Regular glass is still used with a micrometer thick layer of the smart glass laid on top of it. Smart glass is still in development but it is beginning to be used for windows and doors for both commercial and residential properties. The smart glass can be custom-fitted for any door or window. With the smart glass technology, we can now have a great view and natural light without the sun heating up the inside of our homes and businesses.

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