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Clear Protection Film; How to Keep Fingertip Marks & Scratches Off Glass Tabletops in Taylor, MI

For those who prefer the modern designs in their home, you may have a lot of glass surfaces such as glass tables, coffee tables and even shelving. Even though thick heavy duty glass is used for these types of surfaces, you still need to consider its care and proper maintenance. You may want to know how to protect the glass from scratches and other types of damage. Dan’s Enterprises will share how you can properly protect and maintain your glass tables and other surfaces to keep that glass streak free and clean.

Best Glass Cleaners for Tables that Leave No Streaks

There are a few options for cleaning glass regardless as to what type of surface it is. You can use the eco friendly cleaner that is 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray bottle. However use distilled water and not tap water. You can also use aerosol foam cleaner that works great on glass. Regardless as to your glass cleaner choice, make sure to use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe the glass for a streak free finish. Another secret cleaner if the glass has collected oil and grease or the glass appears to be foggy, is to use rubbing alcohol. You might be surprised to see how great rubbing alcohol works on glass.

How Not to Clean Glass Tabletops

When cleaning glass surfaces, especially mirrors, avoid using ammonia based products or cleaners with a high acid content. Both can destroy the glass and eat away at the edges of mirrors and destroy the silver backing. Also avoid using paper towels as they often leave streaks and lint behind after cleaning.

Glass Table Protection; Clear Anti-Scratch Film & More

Glass dining tables, coffee tables, or shelving usually come in contact with other solid objects that can scratch, chip, and even crack the glass. Most tables or shelving designed with a glass surface use tempered glass which is a strong glass and can withstand impacts better. However you may still want to help protect the glass. Some suggestions are to use a table cloth to help protect the table from scratches caused by eating ware. Additionally, dining mats also help, along with coasters for cups. For those who still want that transparent look of the glass but want to protect the glass your can get a waterproof PVC protective cover found in many stores. You can cut it to fit your glass surfaces. Another option is to have an anti-scratch protective film installed. You will want to avoid heavy weighted items on the glass especially shelving that can break under the constant pressure of the weight of the object. The glass should have a weight tolerance label so you know not to surpass the suggested weight tolerance. For decorative items on tables or shelves, you may way to use a rubber or cloth padding that you can cut to fit the item’s base to provide padding between the glass and the object.

Residential & Commercial Glass & Mirror Services in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

Dan’s Enterprises provides glass products. One of them is custom table tops and shelving. We often replace damaged or broken pieces of glass within the home. Tempered glass, if cared for and maintained, can last through time. We hope we were able to share some basic advice on how you can maintain and clean clear glass tops and protect them from scratches, chips, or future breaks. For all of your glass needs, contact Dan’s Enterprises at (734) 595-3232.

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