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Types of Mirrors in Ypsilanti, MI; Plane, Spherical, Silver, One or Two Way & More

We use mirrors in our daily lives either to make sure our appearance is suitable for the day’s activities or even for safety to provide more points of view. However, have you ever considered that there are different types of mirrors that are designed for specific reasons? There are several types of mirrors that are typically created for a single purpose. Dan’s Enterprises will share some facts about the different types of mirrors and their uses.

Mirror Reflection

Mirrors are made of plates of glass with one side having a metal coating or other material that creates a reflective surface. The different types of mirrors often come with the type of material used to create the reflective surface for specific purposes.

Types of Mirrors

Here are the different types of mirrors:
Plane Mirrors – The plane mirror uses a flat or planar reflective surface that produces a virtual image of the same size of the object being reflected. Originally older mirrors used copper, brass, or similar precious metal. However modern plane mirrors use thin plate glass to help protect it from tarnishing.
Spherical Mirror – Spherical mirrors can be either concave or convex mirrors. Concave or converging mirrors is when the glass is curved inwards much like a spoon, and then coated. The curvature of the image bounces light to create the focal point which makes the image seem larger in the reflection. Concave mirrors are often used for hygienic purposes. Convex mirrors are just the opposite. The curvature points outward just like the back of the spoon, with a wider angle distorting the object, making them seem smaller much like how vehicle side mirrors make everything look smaller. However, it creates a wide point of view. That’s why convex mirrors are considered a safe mirror to use. They are also used in stores to give a better view of merchandise to keep a better watch for shoplifters or suspicious behavior.
Two Way or One Way Mirrors – Two way or one way mirrors are both transparent and reflective. One side of the mirror reflects the image back outward while the other side of the glass can be seen through, much like a window glass. Most people are familiar with these types of mirrors as being used in interrogation rooms. However they are not limited to just that use. Many companies will use two-way or one-way mirrors as observation points or they can also be used to camouflage security cameras.
Silver Mirrors – One of the most common types of mirrors used is the silver mirror. These mirrors are coated with a layer of metallic silver which produces a highly reflective surface and give off a more accurate reflection of an object.

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