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Installation of Gigantic Dance, Gym & Fitness Mirrors for Workout Training Studios & Centers in Garden City, MI

There are several types of sports, skills, and training forms that often benefit from having large mirrors in the studio. Mirrors can come in many sizes. You can have wall to wall mirrors or single or personal mirrors in the right spot for those trainees. But which physical fitness styles would benefit by having mirrors and what types of mirrors do each of them need? Dan’s Enterprises outlines some sports or physical activities that should consider using mirrors to enhance their training.

Gigantic Dance, Gym & Fitness Mirrors for Training Studios & Centers

Gym Mirrors – Those who want to build muscle or those into physical fitness greatly benefit from mirrors. No it is not for your customers to check out their biceps or gluts. Although greatly entertaining to watch, mirrors have a greater purpose. They are important for proper muscle training as well as posture and even stances. The trainee can watch their form as they lift weights to make sure each side of the body is working equally together. Posture, along with stance is very important to prevent injury. Gyms often acquire wall to wall mirror as well as personal size mirrors in each station. This helps the trainee to focus on themselves and not get distracted.
Mirrors for Martial Arts Studios – Martial arts emphasize on having good form. Many martial art studios will use mirrors for the student so they can be more honest with their personal training and fix poor stances, form and structure. Most martial art studios will use wall to wall mirrors, typically only on one side or one wall which the student faces. Where martial arts are about discipline being distracted from other movement is actually part of training. Full, wall size mirrors also help to accommodate large groups who are training all at once. Regardless of the discipline or style of art, mirrors can greatly benefit the student who is training.
Dance Studio Mirrors – Most expect to find mirrors in dance studios. They have become pretty standard as a training tool. Like in any discipline, physical fitness, or sport, it is important to study one’s self. Additionally, most dance styles emphasize fluidity of movement. The mirrors will show their progress as well as where they need improvement. Most dance studios do wall to wall mirrors. However it is not uncommon for them to be sectionalized or even use personal size mirrors for more concentrated practice.
Gymnastics Mirrors – Gymnastic studios or gyms don’t use a lot of mirrors due to the distraction they could cause. When it comes to gymnastic training, the last thing your students need is to be distracted. However, most gymnastic studios will still use a small area with mirrors for the same reason–and that is to monitor stance, posture, and proper from. We have seen gymnastic studios use single mirrors to larger mirror in smaller areas for training.

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Mirrors are a great training tool to enhance a student’s training awareness, their improvements and well as their weaknesses. It helps advance their discipline as well as improve their own training. Dan’s Enterprises can help improve your student’s training with the aid of training mirrors. We can help install any size mirror in your gym or studio. Contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232.

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