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Types of Window Glass for Homes & Commercial Buildings in Wayne County, MI; Floated, Annealed, Heated Glass & More

There are many types of glass used for windows. It comes down to the look and purpose as to which most commercial or homeowners choose to use. However for those not familiar with all types of windows used, Dan’s Enterprises will list the different types of window and a little a bit about each of them. For those who might be looking to replace their windows whether it is broken or they just want one that provides more efficiency, this list may aid you in your search.

Types of Window Glass for Homes & Commercial Buildings

Floated Glass – This types of glass got its name due to the manner it is made. Using a molten glass that then pools into a molten tin, it creates a large, thin smooth, flat panel of glass.
Annealed Glass – This type of glass is a floated glass that has been cooled much slower. This helps with internal stress within the sheet of glass which helps make the glass stronger. However annealed glass tends to break in larger, sharper pieces which can lead to safety concern. This is one of the reasons this glass isn’t often used.
Heated Strengthened Glass – This type of glass comes from annealed glass that has been reheated then rapidly cooled. The method is meant to help strengthen the glass. Additionally these types of glass break in smaller pieces which is still a safety concern. However heated strengthened glass is normally laminated for this reason, making it a safer glass to use.
Fully Tempered Glass – This type of glass is annealed glass but four times stronger. The process of this glass starts as annealed that is cut to size then reheated and even more rapidly cooled down than heated strengthened glass. Once reheated, the tempered glass cannot be re-cut. Fully tempered glass is a very strong glass that and eventually can be broken. However it takes a tremendous amount of force to break it. Fully tempered glass is often used in vehicles for this reason.
Heated Soaked Tempered Glass – This type of glass is still technically fully tempered glass that just has been tested by heat soaking the pane of glass. By heat soaking the glass, the glass will either break under the stress or remain intact which help guarantee a solid pane of glass when it is installed.
Laminated Glass – This type of glass is infused with two or more internal layers of polyvinyl butyral or (PVB). Laminated glass is considered a safety glass due to the fact if the glass pane is broke it doesn’t break into pieces or shatter. Instead, the pane of glass remains held together when broken. Most modern cars will use heated strengthened laminated glass. In the event an accident occurs, no glass will hit the driver or passengers. Homes will also use laminated glass for home security to prevent intruders from breaking a glass door or window to gain entry of the home.
Wire Glass – This type of glass is designed to withstand hot temperatures from fire. Wire glass–also known as fire safety glass–has wire within the glass pane to hold it together if there is a fire. However wire glass is actually weaker than annealed glass when it comes to withstanding any kind of force. However it is one of the best types of glass to withstand heat from a fire and even holds the glass together if it gets hit by a fire hose.
Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) – This type of glass is assembled with two panes of glass with a space in between. The space between the two glass panes is filled with gases such as argon, xenon, or krypton which aids in the window efficiency. Insulated glass units are most commonly known as double-glazing.
Low-Emissivity Glass (Low-E) – this type of glass is coated with different levels of reflective surface. Low-Emissivity glass is designed to help reduce the amount of sunlight that passes through home or commercial building windows. This improves your homes cooling efficiency. With less heat passing through the windows of your home, this greatly reduces your home utility bills.

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