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All Things Glass and Mirrors; History of Glass Manufacturing Process & Meeting Beauty & Safety Needs Today

Float Glass Manufacturing Process

The first ‘manmade‘ glass was in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3500BC! Production at that time was very slow and only for the rich upper class. Glass has come along way since then, with the first glass factory in the United States opening in Jamestown, Virginia in 1608, but still the production was very slow and tedious. Not until the early 1900’s came the invention of a machine that would make mass production of window glass possible. And in 1959, Sir Alastair Pilkington introduced a revolutionary ‘float glass production‘, which is still used in 90% of flat glass today!

History of Glass Production

Since the 1950’s, glass production has come even further, offering glass to fit the needs of virtually every home and business. In today’s world there are many concerns that guide the selection of glass that is installed. Dan’s Enterprises, being in business since 1979, has seen these many changes as they happened and offers only the best available technology to their customers. It is not as simple as repairing, replacing or installing windows or glass work, it has become a ‘customized‘ business that must meet the needs of a wide range of customers and applications.

Affordable Beauty & Safety of Glass for Homes & Businesses

Homeowners want safety and beauty at a fair price and with the technologies available this can be easily attained. Glass is involved in many aspects of daily life and it is easy to take it for granted. Businesses are looking to technology and expertise in the choices they make to keep their business, employees and customers safe. Drive-up windows and store front windows have many special concerns such as security, privacy and protection from the sun. Dan’s Enterprises offers expert advice on the options that will best fit each customers needs. Bus transportation and Limousine services are another industry that require safety and often anonymity to their customers, with such technologies as bullet-proof glass and windows that allow total privacy and protection.

All Things Glass & Mirror in Canton, Taylor, Garden City, Farmington Hills, Ypsilanti & Wayne County, Michigan

The ultimate result is to have beauty with all the safety and economic concerns met as well. After all, what is better that looking out a wall of windows at the beautiful scenes of nature on the other side, knowing that you are safe and secure inside. Dan’s Enterprises would love to help you with the many options available and offer our expert knowledge on all things glass and mirrors! Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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