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For those who are looking for those few projects around your home to help improve its value, or to even help save more money, consider replacing your windows. Window replacement has many benefits including adding value and saving you money. How you wonder? Dan’s Enterprises will share how replacing window adds value to your home and saves money along with many other benefits for those who are considering replacing their windows.

Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

Increase in Home Value – Over two million homes that have had their windows replaced were reported to have increased in value by $29,000 over the homes that didn’t replace their windows. Especially for older homes, replacing your windows with more efficient ones such as tinted or insulated windows, greatly improve the home efficiency.
Decreased Energy Costs – By installing energy star rated windows, you can save up to $340 of annual energy usage for a 2000 square foot, single story home. However it’s not just replacing an older window with a more advanced or energy rated window that you can benefit financially from. Over time, windows can wear down from the elements and most windows over 10 years old will develop leaks where your conditioned air can escape. When you get your windows replaced, you stop these leaks.
Cleaner Home – Another benefit is making your home look cleaner on the outside as well as the inside. New windows that not covered in hard water stains, that seem impossible to remove, make your home look dirty and block your view. As windows are exposed to constant moisture, they will develop hard water stains which can occur on the inside and outside very easily. To help regain your view and help make your home look fresh and clean, replacing the windows can greatly help.

How to Tell if You Need New Windows

One sign that your windows are leaking is the draft you feel near the window. Condensation may also accumulate or you may hear a whistling noise, especially during wind storms. Older windows may also become very stiff where it is very difficult or impossible to open and close them. Both can pose a problem. To lose access to opening your windows is a major inconvenience, especially on those beautiful days. For windows that won’t close all the way you’re now losing efficiency and will cause higher utility bills. If you have a problem opening or closing your windows, you may want to consider replacing them.

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Above are but a few of the many benefits on how replacing your windows can save money, improve the value of your home, and add to your general enjoyment. For those who are considering upgrading or replacing their old windows, you may find there are a lot more benefits. When it comes to replacing your windows you will be faced with many glass and window types and styles. If you need help choosing the right window replacement as well as an installer, Dan’s Enterprises can help. We provide quality glass, and glass replacement services. We can also recommend the best glass for efficiency and quality to help save you money and improve the value of your home. Contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232!

The newest and exciting use for glass that has become a major trend this past year is installing solid glass countertop backsplashes in the kitchen. Especially in kitchens with bright colors and modern themes or designs, these glass backsplashes look amazing. They give a kitchen a clean slick look and are easily installed and maintained. Dan’s Enterprises will share more about glass backsplashes and why they are becoming popular in modern kitchens.

Clear, Frosted & Textured Glass

Glass comes in many textures and colors so choosing the right glass is essential when choosing a glass backsplash. Many homeowners will paint a wall using bright colors and even stencil a design on their walls. They will then use a solid clear glass to encase the newly decorated walls. Using clear glass has it benefits versus using a textured or colored glass. While both textures and colors are used in kitchens and look equally amazing, there are some down sides to using colored or textured glass backsplashes. The benefits of using smooth, clear glass are that they are much easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, the clear glass gives the homeowner the option of changing the color of the kitchen simply by removing the glass and repainting the wall. The clear smooth glass will give the wall a smooth shiny appearance and brings out the kitchens colors with the option for change down the road. Textured and frosted glass gives a great look and feel to a kitchen as well. However, keep in mind that grease and oil can get in the tight grooves of textured glass and will require a grease remover in order to keep the glass clean.

How to Clean Glass Tile Backsplashes

Depending on the glass you choose will dictate your later options. Regardless of choice, for those who install glass backsplashes whether they are clear, smooth, textured, or colored, have found it to be a great investment. Most glass that is used for backsplashes do require regular cleaning and maintenance and you must be careful not to damage the glass. Most glass that is use for backsplashes use a protective film or sealer to prevent scratches in the glass. Never use bristled brushes or abrasive cleaning tools. Because of the nature of the kitchen you may need to use a grease cutting cleaner. However, before you rush to the store to buy harsh chemicals it is recommended to use liquid dish soap mixed with water and use a soft sponge to clean the glass. Once the grease or spots are cleaned off of the glass, follow up with a glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol, using a microfiber clean cloth to finish the glass with a crystal clear shine.

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Most likely the first consideration to getting glass backsplashes is the cost. Depending on the types of glass the homeowner chooses to use, the prices can vary. Most backsplashes use tile or even natural stone which can be quite expensive compared to glass however tile, natural stone and glass can last decades if maintained. They are also a great investment to your home. Dan’s Enterprises provides colored, tinted, textured and frosted glass that will make your kitchen backsplashes look amazing. If you want glass backsplashes in your home, contact Dan’s Enterprises today at (734) 595-3232!

There is something about natural lighting that has a positive influence on mood and even our physical and mental health. Glass and mirrors light up the interior and seem to expand space. Mirrored closet doors are a mainstay and a common application, but glass and mirrors are not limited to the bedroom. Glass tub and shower enclosures are common as well.

Windows & Skylights Bring Natural Light

Transparent sand, glass and mirrors have other uses as well. Building codes demand a minimum of 8% of the floor area in windows facing to outside. That would translate in a 10 x 10 square foot room to 8 square feet of window, minimum, but generally a little more is usually better. If you have a truly interior room, and you crave some natural sunlight you have but one choice, a skylight.

What Materials Are Mirrors Made From?

Mirrors are glass with an aluminum coating on the back, before aluminum it was a silver alloy or mercury. As applied aluminum is very shiny only developing the familiar gray glaze on contact with the air. This coating of oxidized aluminum is what makes it so corrosion resistant. To make a mirror the glass is placed in a vacuum chamber surrounded by crucibles filled with metal chunks, induction heating causing the metal to vaporize, depositing the metal on the glass. The aluminum backing is sealed with paint.

Uses of Mirrors in Everyday Life

Mirrors serve as a grooming and dressing appliance. Dressing up requires a mirror for clothing appraisal ensuring everything is in its proper place. And the lack of a reflective surface would hinder the application and proper placement of make-up or the hairdo. Therefore, the mirror is enshrined in nearly every bed and bathroom in the civilized world.

Window & Door Sizes

Windows and doors are sized by width, feet-inches. A 3-0 door is 36 inches wide and 2-6 door is 2 feet 6 inches or 30 inches wide. Windows are sized by with and height. A 3-0 by 5-0 is a 36” by 60 inches or 3 x 5 feet. A full glazed window refers to a full open pane with no interior structure. A nine-lite window is divided into 9 sections. Most modern windows are multi-pane. Two layers of glass separated by a thin space, usually filled at manufacture with nitrogen gas to prevent inter-pane fogging. Lites are simulated with the grid structure between the panes, making it easier to clean than a surface grid dividing the window into the separate lites. Some windows are triple paned allowing light in, but not as subject to the influence of outside temperatures.

Frameless & Privacy Glass Shower Doors

Some bath and shower glass enclosures have little or no frames depending on the strength and thickness of the glass to maintain integrity. Privacy glass lets in light but prevents and coherent images from passing through. This glass is textured with a bubble like or beady surface or sand blasted type texture, used in bathroom windows and some enclosures.

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Mirrors are front surface coated like in reflective telescopes, microscopic and other technical medical or scientific applications and require special treatments raising the cost of the mirror. Most consumer mirrors are back-coated, with the light having to pass through the glass and then reflected, again through the glass. This affects how much light is returned and how much is lost to absorption or scattering. Mirrors do return coherent light providing a crisp focused reflection. Flat white paint is a more efficient reflector but the light is scattered with no discernible image. Glass and mirrors can contribute to the interior design statement. Contact Dan’s Enterprises at (734) 595-3232 to learn what we can do for you!

There is never a need to have an excuse to replace your windows. You could be wanting to sell your home, upgrade the windows more fitting to your liking after moving, as well as wanting to simply upgrade for energy efficiency. Whether you are replacing or wanting to select windows for your own custom home during the construction process, there are a number of options that you have. In fact, replacing your windows yields one of the highest returns on investment and can considerably lower your monthly energy bills. Today, we at Dan’s Enterprises would like to discuss the options of window styles available to you.

Types of Windows & Names

Arched or Round Top Windows: Installed above another window type for appearances or extra light, an arched window also be stationary. Generally, round windows are always stationary. Where the wall space is limited, they are primarily installed in hallways for decorative purposes or in attic rooms.
Large Awning Windows: These windows are typically installed on top of a picture window for extra ventilation, but can be easily installed as their own. Best used in cooler climates like Michigan because this windows us one of the most airtight windows, additionally, it offers protection from the weather while open. Awning window is fairly versatile in placement as well and can be installed in most rooms.
Bay Windows: Positioned to create an alcove that protrudes out of the room, a bay window consists of 3 or 4 windows, usually found in living rooms. Not only flooding the room with light they are designed to a decorative focal point. They help make a room appear larger by creating extra floor space or a large window ledge in the room.
Bifold Windows: In the closed position, bi-fold windows aesthetically are similar to sliding windows but have a few differences as far as function. They fold together and slide to the side because they are joined by a hinge and when opened. These windows are beneficial as they do not obstruct any views and offer plenty of ventilation.
Casement or Hinged Windows: A single pane of glass surrounded by a frame that opens on a hinge is either known as a hinged or casement window. Easy to open, energy efficient, and provide great ventilation; casement windows are the most popular among homeowners. Stationary window with the option for ventilation and a fire escape; you can install casement windows in most rooms.
Double or Single Hung Windows: Another popular choice is the single hung windows. Inexpensive and provide a good insulation; and if ventilation is important the double hung window is the better choice. Making them easier to clean, double hung windows can slide open from the top and the bottom.
Egress Windows: Typically installed in basements, egress windows are designed to let in as much light as possible and to provide a fire exit.
Garden Windows: Green thumbs who love planting will love this window option. Like mini bay windows with a glass roof, these windows will emulate a greenhouse. Creating a large window ledge for plants, they protrude out of the wall, into the garden.
Custom Glass Block Windows: One of the most stylish ways to invite natural light into your home, glass blocks are extremely functional as they increase security to basements and privacy to bathrooms.
Residential Skylight Windows: A necessity to some homes, a luxury to others, the skylights can be installed onto slanted or flat roofs to provide extra light without taking up wall space. Most models are either stationary or manually vented. The vented models will open like a casement or an awning window.
Sliding Windows: Much like a hung window, the sliding window slides open. Because they can be installed over countertops, sliding windows are a common choice in kitchens.
Fixed Picture Windows: Stationary windows are windows that are fixed. They are an inexpensive way to flood your room with natural light; usually installed in rooms that already contain windows with openings.
Transom Windows: Transom windows are an ideal way to add extra natural light with minimal space, and are usually installed over doorways.

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No matter which window suits your tastes and home’s needs, Dan’s Enterprises is readily available for all your glass installation, replacement, repair and more. Contact us at (734) 595-3232 to discuss your next glass or mirror project.

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