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Considering replacing your windows before the lowest temperatures are consistently here for winter might be an optimal solution if your home is equipped with old, single-pane windows that are experiencing a substantial amount of heat loss. You might be a little confused however, if you heard that the summer months will promote your single-pane windows to increase the heat retention. Let us at Dan’s Enterprises explore both of these occurrences to help you have all the facts when deciding on replacing the windows.

Heat Loss & Gain Through Windows

Winter Heat Loss through Windows: Warmth comes from the air registers or radiators when you are heating your home. Single-pane windows are insufficient at containing the heat you already paid for and a great portion is lost through the closed windows, even when they are properly sealed. A single-pane window is 1/4 inch sheet of glass, which only has an R-value of about R1. Due to the low heat resistance value, the heated air is cooled off as it passes by the frigid glass surface separating your home from the outdoors. The heat that transfers through the glass window defeats the purpose of having a well-insulated wall that are of adequate levels of R13 to R19.
Summer Heat Gain through Windows: The reverse effect taking place in the summer of the heat transfer that occurs through a single-pane window in the winter occurs. Your home readily heats back up as hot outdoor air passes by your single-pane window despite that when the air conditioner runs, it cools each room by transferring heat outside. Making your AC work harder, the air inside picks up this energy and heats your home. Another summertime concern is a solar heat gain. Causing uneven temperatures from room to room based on sun exposure, the direct sunlight hits an inefficient window causing the heat to radiate inside, warming the space excessively, rising the cooling bills.

How Much Do Energy Efficient Windows Save

An investment that pays for itself as well as seeing a return over time, is choosing to install new, energy efficient windows. Upgrading to the double-pane windows from the single-pane windows with additional energy-saving features, many homeowners see a decrease up to 40% for heating costs as well as reducing the cooling costs up to 30%.

Best Energy Efficient Windows

Below are the attributes that make energy efficient windows superior to single-pane windows.
Low-E Coatings: To reflect the UV light to keep solar heat gain at bay during the summer, this glass treatment is comprised of a microscopically thin metallic layer. A low-E coating on your south and west facing windows is especially beneficial.
IGUs: Insulated glass units are comparable to windows with two or three panes of glass. The air pocket between the panes is a reliable characteristic that improves insulation. This alone slows heat transfer to more than double the R-value of a single-pane window to about R2.
Gas Infill: If the space between the two panes of glass is filled with argon or krypton, the heat transfer through a window slows down even more so. Heat passes more slowly through them because these invisible, inert gases are denser than air. This upgrade increases the R-value of a window to about R3.

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When you think about the windows in your home or commercial building, you probably don’t pay any attention to the type of glass that your windows are made of. In fact, you probably just grab some window cleaner or a bucket and wash rag and off you go. While this seems simple in theory, you may be damaging the glass or at best getting less than stellar results, even with a squeegee. There are five different types of glass that are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings including annealed, heat strengthened, tempered, low-e, and insulated glass units (IG units).

Types of Glass Used in Residential & Commercial Building Windows

Annealed Glass: This type of glass is the easiest to clean and will not scratch if the proper methods are used when utilizing a scraper. The process of annealing involves slowly cooling the glass to eliminate internal stress on the glass after it has completed formed. When this glass breaks, it will break in large pieces. Annealed glass is a flat glass that is also called floating glass after the invention of the glass in England in the 1950’s. The glass would float on a tin mold and smooth out to evenly fill the form.
Heat Strengthened Glass: Just as the name implies, heat strengthened glass has been heat treated. When broken, heat strengthened glass will break into smaller sharp pieces than annealed glass. This type of glass can have what is referred to in the glass industry as fabricating debris. Some glass surfaces have fabricating defects on the surface which contains microscopic glass particles that may become fused to the glass during the tempering process. Though almost invisible to the naked eye, fabricating debris can cause damage to the windows if improperly scraped and cleaned.
Tempered Glass: This type of glass is five times stronger than annealed glass and is most often used in the safety glass found in the windshields and windows of automobiles. Because of its strength it will break into small pieces which will protect you from serious lacerations should you be involved in a car accident. Tempered glass is the hardest to clean at home.
Low-E Glass: This type of glass is specially designed to cool homes and buildings. It is manufactured with a film that limits the amount of UV rays from the sun passing through the window. The special coating is applied during the manufacturing process and an additional coating is applied after the glass has been made. It can be problematic to clean at home because of the increased risk of damaging the film.
Insulated Glass Units: An insulated glass unit or IG unit for short is essentially two pieces of glass that are separated by a spacer to allow air to be sealed between the two panes of glass. This type of class is also labelled tempered glass although there are no specific standards for stamping insulated glass for identification.

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When you are living in a home that has some small spaces such as bathroom or even bedrooms most people are always looking for way to open the space. There is always a full home room remodel where you open the walls up and add more windows to increase the natural light. However, if this is too much work for you and you want an easier fix you can stick to mirrors. The rooms that you are concerned about have a space issue and increasing the feel of the room could be enough to make it one of your favorite places. Mirrors seems like a fix that is too easy but when you use them in the right way it can lighten, brighten and add space to any room.

Dan’s Enterprises Explains How a Three Way Mirror Can Lighten & Brighten Your Small Space

What Is A Three Way Mirror?: Have you ever gone in to have a suit tailored? Have you been in a dressing room? Then you have seen a three way mirror. This is just a way to say how the mirrors are set up in the space. It allows you a view of yourself and the room in a three dimensional way! You can see everything from all different angles at the same time. The middle mirror is set flat to a wall in the room. Then there are two mirrors on either side that are angled at about a 45 degree angle. You can also use this kind of mirror set up in your home either in your bathroom, bedroom or dressing rooms. It can help to get ready in the morning as well as increase the look of the rooms size.
Amplify Light Using Mirrors: Are you not able to add windows to your home? Do you want to add more lighting to the room? If you don’t want to add light but you want to increase the light in the room, a three way mirror will achieve that. The mirrors are great for reflecting light back into the room. The light that is coming from the windows and the lights that are in the room already. This will lighten up the room tremendously.
Mirrors Make a Room Look Bigger: Adding light will also increase the brightness in the house but adding mirrors will also increase how large the room looks. When you are sitting in a room and you have a large three way mirror it adds the illusion that you have a larger space than you actually do. The space will basically double in size and that you can visually see. It is quite easy to trick your eye into thinking that something is real that you are seeing.

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Glass is used in many facets of your life. You have glass in your automobile windows, surrounding your shower and all the windows of your home are glass. The glass is something that needs to be cared for and repaired if there is any cracks or chips. No matter where the glass is used you need to be sure you know what the best option is when you go to have it replaced. There are several types of glass and shapes that are used for certain areas. One type of glass that is used is called tempered glass.

Dan’s Enterprises Explains What Tempered Glass is & Where it Can Be Used

What is Tempered Glass Used For?: Tempered glass is still glass but it has been treated to give it a much tougher end result. You know that if you drop something heavy on a piece of glass it will shatter. If you drop a glass bowl it is a goner. That is why tempered glass is treated and used in many areas. The glass is prepared and treated with heat. It is glass that has been heated up quickly then just as fast cooled down. This will allow the glass to withstand about eight times as much force as a piece of glass that has not been tempered. This will make tempered glass ideal in many instances where you will potentially be active.
Tempered Glass Table Tops: If you want to use a glass table you need to be sure that the glass that is being used is tempered. There is always a chance that someone will sit on the table, drop their toy or more around the table. Nothing is worse than a huge glass table that has shattered all over the living room from your table that was outfitted with standard glass instead of tempered glass. If you call to have your table glass replaced you need to be sure that you ask for tempered glass.
Tempered Shower Glass Door Panel Doors & Enclosures: When you are remodeling your bathroom and you want to use a bathtub screen or shower enclosure it is important to use a tempered glass. The bathroom is a place that can become slippery and when you potentially fall it will be made worse when you hit the glass and it happens to shatter all over the ground. That is why it is important that you use a tempered glass for the bathroom remodel.
Tempered Glass Shelves: One of the modern décor options that many people choose in bathroom and even in kitchens is to hang glass shelves. This will allow you to have items set on the shelves that are visible from all angles. It is also a shelving option that many commercial properties use to show off their merchandise. These shelves should be made from tempered glass so that if there is something that is heavy placed on it will not break or shatter.

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